Friday, September 26, 2008

english afternoon tea.

As I sit here waiting for my tea to steep, listening to Wilco, I try to decide what kind of brilliance to grace my readers with today.

It's raining today, it has been throughout the morning and hasn't let up now that it's almost 5:00. I used to hate rain, mostly due to the nature of my curly hair in damp weather. Now though, from living in Montreat for nearly 4 years and most likely my desire and love for all things Irish, rainy weather not excluded--I have come to terms with my amative feelings toward rain.

Rain is probably the most romantic type of weather. When I say romantic, I don't really mean romantic as we think of it today--though that is probably true too. I mean romantic in the Jane Austen, Victorian Era sense of the word. I mean rainy weather, at least for me, evokes a strong desire to use my imagination. As I drive through the back roads of Montreat on a overcast, cool, rainy afternoon I can see fairies flitting in and out amongst the trees. I can imagine a hidden community of fairy folk living in the woods, having been here long before humans came to settle here. That's why Montreat seems so magical--because it is.

Rain also has a calming effect on my senses. Listening to the raindrops hitting the ground outside my window makes me feel at ease, lets me enjoy the time I have to myself--just writing and drinking my tea, which has now steeped, I've added the necessary milk and brown sugar, and I'm enjoying it immensely.

Hot tea and rainy days are my elysian standard.

Until my next cup,


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bookishme said...

Rainy days- yea!! You come by that love naturally, my dear, as your mom has always preferred rainy, overcast days.