Saturday, September 27, 2008

filled with chai latte goodness.

It rained late into the night last night, and this morning an enveloping mist shrouded the valley of Montreat, making it even more like a fairy tale than yesterday. By the time I went outside to walk Cael, my beloved puppy, the mists had receded but they left a similar feeling of mystery and an imagination evoking sensation. I took a photograph so my lovely readers could share in my imaginings. Can't you just see fairies making their home in an enchanting place such as this?

This morning I went to Moments, Jeremy's coffee shop, (that's where I had my chai) and met with my group of novelists--Laura and Chelsea--to discuss the progress we have made this week on our writing. It's so good to meet with such good friends, sharing common interests, and be able to help one another improve our writing, plot, dialogue, etc.

We all read a bit from what we've written, well, Chelsea read a LOT, but it was all so good, Laura and I didn't care. It was good to read some of my story, and hear it out loud. It is always helpful to hear something you've written read out loud, it puts things into a different perspective. You're able to hear things you want change or reword, things that you might not have caught just reading it in your head.

Being encouraged by such good writers, as Chelsea and Laura are, is really nice, yet intimidating sometimes; they've been writing seriously much longer than I have and I relish their compliments and advice. Their stories are so well written and exciting, I can't wait to hear how they turn out.

In about 45 minutes Jeremy and I are going to the first home soccer game Montreat has had in about a month, they play University of the Cumberlands and it promises to be a good game. I'll, of course, have my camera handy and might post some photos later of the game. Go Cavaliers!

Chai still lingering on my breath,



Laura Rebecca said...

Man, I love you. Did you know that? And that picture is beautiful. I want to live with the fairies... In the meantime, finish up that novel of yours so I can live in that world for a while. :)

bookishme said...

Chai...wonderful chai. Oh the sweet, pumpkin-pie taste of chai....I miss it! Send me some of that chai, will ya? Trade you for some Lebkuchen....