Thursday, September 25, 2008

wishing i was sipping black currant black tea.

I have to start blogging as an assignment for a class at school, and I suppose since I have been contemplating starting a blog--now is as good of a time to begin as any.

I have been assigned to write something in this blog everyday until October 9th, so I can guarantee you witty, insightful entries (hah.) until then--but who knows what will happen when updating this will become my choice.


In my last semester of school at Montreat College, I should have numerous things to reflect upon. What have I learned in these four years? How have I changed as a person, and as a daughter of Christ? Though I have learned so many things at Montreat, and continue to fill my mind with more knowledge in my final semester, I know that I will never be finished gaining valuable knowledge, no matter my age, vocation, location, or mindset. Though my time in a classroom is coming to an end (for now, who knows about Grad school), I know that learning does not only occur in a classroom; some of the most important and relevant things I have learned have been experienced in the 'real world'--whatever that may be.

So I guess, this blog will be my reflection and relevation of knowledge known and unknown-- but not so serious as all that sounds. I'll also be keeping up what Jeremy and I are doing, posting adorable photos of my puppy, Cael, and informing my beloved readers of the projects I may be undertaking at any certain time.

One thing I can go ahead and mention is my weekly meeting with 2 of my favorite people: Chelsea and Laura. We call ourselves the Snippets, we even have t-shirts (cheers, Laura). The three of us are in the process of writing unique, insightful, brilliant, enthralling novels. Totally.
So look for updates each week on the status of our brilliant novel-writing endeavours. Hurrah.

Until tomorrow,



Laura Rebecca said...

Cheers right back atcha. (I love it when people say "Cheers" in blog entries. A friend of mine has been doing it for years, and it evokes an overwhelming sense of love and peace and rightness in the world. For me, at least.)

And I like the phonic play (intended or otherwise) on "Currant Thoughts." Though I'm not sure where "Black" fits in with that... :)

bookishme said...

Cool, Cait, good job. I enjoyed reading your blog. Hope you can keep up with yours better than I keep up with mine!
Love you muchly