Tuesday, September 30, 2008

vanilla black tea.

I sit down to write today in the midst of a Montreat afternoon thunder shower. With all the windows in the room open, as well as the door, I am able to enjoy the poetic fragrance of the shower. If you've ever been in Montreat during one of these wonderful events you know what I'm talking about. The smell of fresh rain, and damp earth are mingling with the aroma of vanilla and black spices within my tea and soothing my spirit.
Afternoons such as this never fail to bring a smile to my face, and a contented sigh upon my breath. Earlier today I was feeling a bit overused, tired and unsought. Those moods have a habit of creeping up on me when I'm not expecting them, making them harder to combat. I tend to dwell on the things going awry in my life, things that I don't have or things I desire to have happen, but dont. It's hard to come out of a slump like that on your own. Then I remember who has my seemingly huge problems right in the palm of his hand. I realize that God's going to take care of me, no matter how I feel or what happens. Instead of turning inward and feeling sorry for myself, I must lean on the shoulder of God, a shoulder that will always be there--waiting for me to lean on him. Then he brings me a thunder shower, speaking to me in the deep rumblings of the thunder and in the sweet aroma of the new rain. He washes away my worry and doubt with his majestic glory, and I realize how small my problems really are to him. As long as I trust in God, he will always pull me out of my slump--as a little weeping child is pulled up from the ground into his loving father's strong embrace. He tells me it'll be okay, and to just trust in him. He knows my needs better than I do, and he will provide. Always.
Thank you, Lord, for never leaving me in my times of doubt and darkness, but shining your glorious light upon my life, and ever holding me within your loving, strong embrace.

Still sipping,


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