Friday, October 3, 2008

black currant black tea.

I sit down this evening, hot tea in hand, perfectly sweetened with honey and a bit of milk, and face a night by myself. Jeremy has gone camping with his good friend, Billy May, for the night, so it's just Cael and I. It makes a bit nervous because I haven't spent a night by myself since before I was married, but at the same time, it'll be nice to have some time to myself to read, write, or whatever. Overall, I look forward to my solitary evening, but am not looking forward to a night in a bed by myself.

I have now finished, (as of yesterday morning), Daughter of the Forest, and have already been loaned a copy of the next book Son of the Shadows. I have begun the second book, but am trying to hold off until Fall Break to continue reading because I have midterms to study for next week, and need the extra time I would be reading to study.

Tomorrow I meet with my Snippets again, and look forward to it. I haven't written too much this week, but did overcome the obstacle of writing my hero's character analysis. I have learned much by sitting down and answering questions in his voice, and I am excited about what else I'll found out about his character. I'll probably try to write a bit tonight, so I can bring in some new stuff to read to Chelsea and Laura tomorrow morning. Well, I'm about to finish my tea, make myself dinner, then bathe Cael (wish me luck).

Until tomorrow,


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Amethyst said...

I'll sip up some tea tonight, in honor of you, and I'll pray over the steam for your safety and peace tonight.
Reading your blog every day is like seeing your face for the first time at the Snippets meetings. It makes me smile and happy to be alive. You are one of the brightest strands of joy in my heart's tapestry.