Monday, October 13, 2008

black currant black tea. [harvest time]

This morning heralds the end of my Fall Break, which is rather unfortunate--but it also ushers in the latter half of the semester, which means I'm only about six weeks away from graduation. As much as I do not want to go to class this morning, I must think of what is to come, and why I must go. This has perhaps been one of the best ones I have ever experienced. I read the entirety of Son of the Shadows, and loved every page of it; and I also began Child of the Prophecy, which is the next of the trilogy.
Yesterday was perhaps the best day though. Jeremy and I went to church at iSight, which was quite fulfilling, then came home and made and had lunch with Laurel, Jeremy's sister. After Laurel left we went out to find pumpkin carving tools, candy corn, and some pumpkin ale. Jeremy brought home three perfect pumpkins the other day, and we spent all day together yesterday carving pumpkins, toasting pumpkin seeds, listeing to Irish music, and eating candy corn. It was so great to spend a day with Jeremy, laughing, and joking around, and just being together having fun. I love carving pumpkins, and he surprised me the other day when he brought them home, like they were flowers. I was so excited. It was just such a pleasant time with him. We each carved one of our own, then I traced one, and he carved it while I made dinner. Can you guess which one's which?
We then watched The Village, which isn't terrifying, but it's as scary as I tend to venture to see. I love that movie, it's so thrilling--but I realized the real reason why I love it is because of the relationship between Ivy and Lucius. It's beautiful. There is this one scene where their town is being invaded by dangerous mythical creatures who have not breached their borders in many years, while everyone is terrified, running inside to their safe places beneath the floor boards, Ivy, who is blind but also one of the more capable people in the village, is standing on the front porch with her hand out, waiting for Lucius. She knows he will come for her, she has a faith in him that is so pure and so sure that she risks her life as one of the creatures is coming for her, but before it gets there, another hand firmly grasps hers and leads her inside. Lucius had come, just as she knew he would. It it's just such a beautiful picture of the kind of trust two such people should have in each other, they are not engaged yet as of that scene, but they do become so later. It really is the ultimate image of a blind faith, as cliche as that might be.
Spending time with Jeremy yesterday was so enjoyable, and reading books with such strong, faith-filled love, and seeing The Village last night really made me appreciate him all the more. We are so wonderful for each other, and it's beautiful to see our relationship strengthen, and our lives grow intwined with each other, creating not just two people perfect for each other, but eventually, one heart beating in a steady, never-ending cadence of devotion.

Not caring how sappy this post seems,



Laura Rebecca said...

Great Scott, those are impressive pumpkins. How do you do that? I've never tried, but I have a pretty good feeling that mine would never come out so nicely. (And I absolutely loved your ending salutation.)

Amethyst said...

Saints, how lovely. I look forward to seeing those pumpkins.

bookishme said...

Caity Lin, those pumpkins are gorgeous.... but not as great as your description of your day with Jeremy. I am so glad that God has blessed you with such a fine man. I am blessed with one too!
And it wasn't sappy at all!

Maybe just a little bit....