Wednesday, October 1, 2008

cranberry apple zinger tea.

I write late today because of a couple reasons. Firstly, I worked tonight at Cheshire Fitness Club, I man the front desk--greeting the members, and membership management type of position. Secondly, I am so enraptured by the book I'm reading: Daughter of the Forest. I have been reading in every second of spare time I can find.
I love finding a book that so captures my attention that I can scarce put it down. They have been few and far between the last couple years. Not to say I haven't read books that I haven't enjoyed; I have, especially those I must read for my Bible classes. But to find a book that so pulls you into its story that you find yourself doing things that are part of its plot--that is special. Like with my book, the protagonist, Sorcha, cannot speak for the majority of the book, for if she does, hers tasks will be for nothing, and she will lose her brothers forever. I find myself, while reading, hesitating to answer Jeremy's questions for a moment, or pausing before I speak to Cael, my puppy.
To find a fantastical world in which you become an inhabitant, even if just for a moment, being able to escape the toils of everyday and immerse yourself in a good book is something that is so necessary sometimes. I thank God for the ability to plunge into a good book, and be swept away with its adventure, love, danger, and happily ever after.
Now excuse me, as I get back to being silent with Sorcha.

Until I steep next,


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