Thursday, October 16, 2008

hot fresh-pressed apple cider. [mind of Gwen]

I know I'm not drinking tea, but if you knew how glorious this apple cider tasted you wouldn't be questioning me.
Classes are now back in full swing, and I'm just praying that the second half of the semester goes as quickly by as the first half. Overall, my classes are going well and I'm enjoying most of them, most of the time.
Autumn is still working on transforming this valley into a palette of deep, rich colors; the paint brushes of trees still striving towards their brightest, most vivid colors. The leaves have begun to loose themselves from their places on the lofty branches with the aid of the occasional gust of crisp westerly wind. On Cael's walk this morning, up ahead of us a breath of wind liberated some leaves from a yellow birch tree, they looked like gold flakes glittering to the ground in the morning sun.

I have been working on my novel lately and been making some encouraging progress, but I continue running into the same problem. Gwen, my protagonist, is reluctant to allow me full access into her mind--this is a problem because I am writing it in first-person, from her point of view. I feel like I'm forcing ideas into her head, then when I go back and read them, they don't fit into the narrative at all. I've done a character study, but maybe I need one that is more in depth, because Gwen is not one that lets people in easily. Any ideas on how to get Gwen to let me in?




Amethyst said...

Hmm, I'll have to do some thinking about Gwen for you, if I have time tonight and tomorrow :)
Here's my first thought, however:
Consider Sorcha. She did not have an "open mind," not only because she couldn't speak, but because of the terrible thing she had suffered. What finally helped Sorcha "open up?" The completion of her task? The acceptance of the British? Red? The return of her brothers? More calamity? Also, in a similar vein, think of Bran, and his "closed mind." Find the things that are alike in those two people and perhaps you'll begin to understand Gwen more.

I am dying to write, but I have to write stupidity for World Lit. I am jealous of people who aren't me.

Laura Rebecca said...

Hmm. I'm thinking, too. I'll let you know what I come up with just as soon as some brilliance graces my mind.

bookishme said...

Have you tried focusing on another character for a while to see if Gwen gets jealous? Or sometimes, other characters have insight that the narrator does not. Just because your novel is first person doesn't mean you can't visit the minds of other characters too. Just a thought.... as I have never written a novel, all of this is conjecture at best. Use it if it is valuable.

Love you!