Monday, October 6, 2008

raspberry zinger. [company]

I can't stay long tonight, I have company, as I write, pulling up into the driveway. Josh, Christal, and their kids, as well as my dear friend Chelsea, are all coming over tonight to watch the newest episode of "Heroes." I enjoy having friends over and being able to provide a place for such to gather. Fellowship is such an important aspect of not only being a Christian, but just being human. Being able to share common interests, and also common struggles with someone you care about allows one to realize they are not alone in this world in the marvelous or dreadful things that occur in life. I am incredibly thankful for the friends God has blessed me with, whether I see them all the time, or every once in while we'll get together and it'll be like we were never apart. I am thankful for those that love me for who I am, and enjoy each little idiosyncrasy of my personality--and I love being able to return the favor.

À demain,


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Laura Rebecca said...

(Wow...I feel powerful. About the thesaurus, I mean.)

In other news, speaking of fellowship, I'm very glad I get to see you Thursday, because a week without your face and laughter would be sad indeed. And...I'm bringing you Irish books.