Thursday, October 23, 2008

tension tamer ginger tea. [an eerie evening]

The trees were unusually vocal, and the night was eerie as I walked Cael in the darkness. The shadows were long and skeletal, and the chill in the air sharper than it has yet been. Sounds came from the woods to my left, and voices not belonging to the trees whispered in the branches above me. We walked on; the voices followed. The wind created a tumult in the canopy above, causing leaves to rain down around me in torrent of cold darkly colorless leaves. The dark is frightening; it pilfers the brilliant color that normally typifies my sleepy valley. Where there is darkness, no color remains. We continued up the road, through the shadows, trying to ignore the voices in the trees. A gravel, tree covered road peels off of the one we tread, and it abruptly ended into a huge mouth of black nothingness. Mysterious noises piqued Cael interest as he strained on his leash toward the ominous blackness, my senses and the hair on the back of my neck held any degree of curiosity I might have a bay, while I attempted to keep my spaniel as such. We turned and headed for home, still being trailed by the voices in the forest, as the occasional leaf, drained of color, ghosted to the ground at my feet. I shivered, pulled my scarf closer to my neck, and tried to think of nothing but the hot tea I would have when I had returned home.


Laura Rebecca said...

"Where there is darkness, no color remains."

Lovely. Do something with that sentence. Seriously.

Amethyst said...

That is amazing. Absolutely. WOW.

HFR said...

Wow. I felt like I was there watching and feeling everything you were experiencing. You have talent girl!