Thursday, November 27, 2008

honey vanilla chamomile tea. [crochet]

So, I've been on a crocheting binge lately, when I should be working on papers and school work--a house wife's version of senioritis. I've made 5 pairs of fingerless mittens, and 2 hats (a pair of mittens and a hat going to Laurel for her birthday). But my most recent creations are my favorite. I learned a new stitch, called a herringbone double crochet which I made my favorite pair of glovies with, and I just finished a hat with awesome military-looking buttons on it to match my herringbone glovies. Here is a photo of my new hat. Be in awe. Be proud. Now, I must get back to work, this hat will be the last of my creations until I'm finished with school.

A quick shout out to my lovely Laura, who has eclipsed the set goal for NaNoWriMo of 50,000 words in a month--yet, the month is not over and she is going for 60,000 as a personal goal. Go Laura!


Laura Rebecca said...

Ooh, I like it. Very cool. I like you, too. (And you are unfairly photogenic. I'm kinda jealous.) I'm going to try not to have Snippets withdrawal this weekend. LUV!

Amethyst said...

Great photo, dearie.
I've been very much not doing my homework, as well. SIGH. I'm going to learn that stupid stitch from you if it kills me.
And you've started calling them glovies! Yay!

Chris Tolomei aka alicethelma said...

Used to love citrus teas like lemon blossom but now I'm addicted to peppermint. Stash peppermint green tea is my current favorite. I do still drink a lot of coffee though. Thanks for devoting your blog to lovely tea.

HFR said...

oooo...i like it very much! very nice. horray laura!

Laura Rebecca said...

I know you're busy, but I would just like to mention that I miss your blogs and your writing and I can't wait to hear more...soon! :) And I loves ya.