Wednesday, November 5, 2008

irish breakfast tea. [the day after]

Yesterday was an important day for our country, we voted and elected a new president that will guide and govern our country for the next four years at least. It was also actually my first time voting; I had just missed it in 2004, as I didn't turn 18 until March of 05. It was rather exciting walking up to the building, entering, giving my name and receiving my first ballot as a voting citizen of the United States--lucky I took so many 'bubble-in' tests in high school. Our country waited with eager anticipation as the voting closed in each time zone, getting closer and closer to knowing the outcome. McCain or Obama? I'll go ahead and tell you that I voted for McCain, and I have my reasons which would be too lengthy to impart to my readers here, but if you would like to know don't hesitate to ask me.
Though Obama won, and I was rather disappointed (along with 49% of the popular voters), I have complete faith that the outcome was what God intended. Though I passionately mourn for the multitude of unborn children that my tax dollars will pay to murder if the Freedom of Choice Act is passed, I know that God has a plan. I know that God can use even the most evil of people and events to carry out his will--not to say that Obama is evil, of course, but that if God can use those kinds of men, he can surely use Barack Obama. To paraphrase my dear friend, Laura-- I will pray for Barack Obama and his decisions regarding my country just as I would have prayed for John McCain in the same way. Like it or not, Obama is our president, and we must acknowledge that, give him the respect that any President of the United States is due, and pray that God can use him in great ways that we cannot even imagine.




Laura Rebecca said...

Thank you, dearest Kiyat-Lehn. I'm so glad that the Snippets are of one mind about all of this. It makes me sad that this seems to be dividing our beloved country. Even if you do end up in England, at least I'll know you didn't move there just to escape. :)

Amethyst said...

Agreed, Laura. Though, if Kiyat ends up in England, we shall probably have to follow her. SIGH. What a burden.... :)
Can't you just see us all bashing around Liverpool together? Garbed all in brown and grey wool, with rain-stained notebooks and leaky pens and stubby pencils in one hand and frou-frou coffee and chai in the other? SIGH. I can't wait for Saturday. I'm going to smoke you out of the water, Laura.

But, in all (well, more-ish) seriousness, you make a strong point, Kiyat. Well spoken and moving as usual. Prayers will be on my lips for God to use President-elect Obama just as He would use McCain.

Laura Rebecca said...

(Pardon us using your blog as a battleground, Mrs. Foreman, but I must respond to the challenge leveled at me.)

Smoke and water, my foot. I do not contest that your quality shall overshadow mine, but I *will* have the quantity.