Saturday, December 20, 2008

apfel vanille tee. [tag zwei]

So it's day two for Jeremy and I here in Germany, and we're both pretty tired still, quite happy to be here but the jet lag is still lingering over our heads, making our eyelids just a but heavier than normal. Here's a photo of my parents view from their window, and also a shot of the main street (haupt strasse) of their little village, Velburg.
We woke up this morning to the delightful smell of bacon sizzling on the stove and snow falling outside. My parents had made us breakfast, so kind of them. Today was more of a lazy lay around day because the temperature rose steadily through out the morning causing it to rain more than snow. We had planned to go to a Christmas Market or Weihnachtsmarkt in Hexenaggar, but because it was raining and the market is outside we decided it wouldn't be worth it. It was disappointing, but we'll have other opportunities to go to either that Weihnachtsmarkt or others. We sat around for most of the day, reading or playing Wii with my parents--my mom is remarkably good at bowling on the Wii.
Tonight, however, we went out to dinner at a local German restaurant called Winkler Braustuberl which is also a brewery and hotel. It was so nice, and the food was geschmeckt, which means YUM! Jeremy and I both got a roasted venison, with spatzle and nudeln garnished with half a pear filled with cranberry like berries. The photo is of my plate--I barely remembered to take a photo of it before I began gorging myself on its delectable flavors. Jeremy was going to get wild boar, but they were out of it. Anyway, the dinner was so delicious--I'm still full.
Tomorrow evening, after church, we're planning on going to Regensberg to see a Bach Oratorio in 100s of years old cathedral, so hopefully I'll have some more photos the next time I post.



Amethyst said...

Even though I'm paranoid about food,
that actually looks good! Yum! I'm glad things are going well. You sound SO much more relaxed.

Laura Rebecca said...

Aw, it looks lovely and wintry there. But I'm really just jealous about the Bach. I'm sure that will be absolutely *amazing.*