Friday, December 19, 2008

chai tea. [in Deutschland]

I really did mean to write a short "I'm going to Germany!" post before I left, on the request of the pixie, but I ran out of time. But now all you lovely readers are just yearning to hear of my travels. Well, yearn no more.
Firstly, let me say that Jeremy and I are safely in Germany, at my parent's lovely house in Velburg, set up on a hill which overlooks the enchanting village that stretches into a gorgeous landscape of rolling hills and fir forests.
Though everything in Germany has been gorgeous so far, everything dusted with a layer of fine snow, the trip here went far less beautifully. It started out well enough, with a drive from Asheville to Charlotte with Rachel in Baquito (Rachel, I apologize for murdering the spelling of your car's name.) Even getting through security at the airport and waiting for our flight went smoothly, as I wrote in my journal, pretending to pen brilliant things. Once we were on the plane, it was a different story completely. Jeremy and I were unfortunately separated by an aisle, he has an aisle seat next to a British man by the window, and I has an aisle seat next to an Indian father traveling with his wife and daughter. That was upsetting, but what made it even worse was that we were some of the last people to board the plane, and so my carry on bag was in the overhead compartment about three rows behind me. This turned out to be a problem when I went to get out my book and ipod from my backpack; I tried to get everything out without taking my entire bag out of the compartment which would then cause other people's precariously placed bags to come tumbling out, and also risk my huge water bottle to come crashing down upon the lady below me. As it happened, while I was trying to find Wolfskin at the bottom of my bag, a jacket that belonged to the lady below me fell out and into the aisle, not on to anyone, mind you. The lady gave a huge huffy sigh, and looked up at me and said all snarky, "Why don't you just take your bag back to your seat, instead of just digging through it above my head?" At which point I said, taken aback, "I trying to avoid anything large from falling out on to you." She snapped back, "Yeah, well that's what I'm worried about." She was so rude, and I was so stressed already because I wasn't sitting next to my husband, that I just grabbed my ipod--no book because the only one I could frustratingly manage to find was Foxmask, and I tore back to my seat fighting back tears which came in full force as soon as I sat down in my seat--too far away from Jeremy for my liking. I refused to go back there, so Jeremy went and got my book for me later in the flight, flashing her a sarcastic smile as he rummaged above her head. I love my husband.
We also had to sit about an hour and a half in the plane because we were too heavy to take off on the runway we had been originally assigned, and to wait for a longer runway would have been a two and a half hour wait--so they unloaded some of our cargo. Jeremy and I were secretly hoping they would unload the drunkenly loud girl from Chicago that had been annoying our eardrums for hours at that point, but alas, no luck. Anyway, once in the air the flight went really well, even though the Indian man next to me was blaring his music that entire flight that all sounded remarkably like "The Nipple Song" (look it up on youtube, I promise it's not scandalous.)
Now that we're here, and have now taken a nap because we just couldn't help it, I feel better because the flight is behind me-- I am going to request that someone switch seats with either Jeremy or me so we can sit together on the flight back. My parents house is wonderful; I'm so happy for them. Kitty is fat and lazy, and makes me miss Cael because he's so much more friendly than Kitty.
So, within the next couple days I post again with some photos, and more stories--hopefully not so traumatic.




Amethyst said...


What a great post. I'm sorry your flight was so rough, but I'm awful proud of Jeremy for standing up and being all manly and giving his "the jeremy" look to that mean lady. Good lad! He's a fianna in the making :)

I'm hopefully gonna go see Cael tomorrow, if Hunter is amenable. I have to work in the morning, but once I get off, I'm gonna head up to Black Mountain and do some rampaging and ransacking, along with Laura and our frou-frou coffee.

I adore you, my friend! Time to relax now and breathe in the winter air.

Laura Rebecca said...


You knows, I was just a-thinkin'... For such a hugely mythological, important, strong, protective word, "fianna" LOOKS awfully feminine.

Anyway. You're there! And you posted! Hurrah! Sorry about the flight. But bad traveling makes for great stories later on. (I have one whopper of a travel story from my senior trip. Sometime I'll tell it to you.)

Yep, rampaging and ransacking and missing you.

Post pictures of the lovely village, please. Me wants to see.


Laura Rebecca said...

I knew I was forgetting something...

Also meant to say that I absolutely adore Indian pop music. Seriously. It's great.

Okay, bye.