Sunday, December 20, 2009

too long.

It has been entirely too long. I know this, but every time I come and look at my blog I decide not to write because I haven't adequate time. I suppose I haven't just now either for all I should say, and all that has gone on in the last month and a half. But I'm writing, and that's just the point isn't it? I'll post photos soon of Christmas tree and Christmas things, but they're still on my camera just now so they'll have to wait. I can, however post some photos from a recent senior portrait shoot I did of Carlee Blanchat, little sister of Kelsey, great friend from Hickory. Here you are, to tide you over until I next write. God knows when that'll be.

Monday, November 9, 2009

20k milestone.

I just reached the 20,000 word milestone in my novel. I started with 10,000, so I've only written about that much, but with Candlelight season upon us at Biltmore and everything else I have going on I'm pretty proud of myself. :)
Here's the cover art I've designed for The Chancellor's Daughter.

Hopefully, I'll be able to update again soon.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

inspired today.

It Comes to a Beginning

As the colors begin to fade

And the last of the warmth seeps away.

One last jaunt into the highlands to

Bid farewell to the glory of autumn.

We wander the hills

Over rocks and roots

Under felled trees not yet prostrate.

Soaking in the verity of the moment.

I shall call upon that memory made

One cold winter’s day, when all I see is frigid blue.

I’ll remember the warm golden sunlight

And the warm golden leaves before they spirited away.

And perhaps for a moment it will warm me again

Before reality lays ahold, and the blue seeps back in.

But these sweet trysts of autumn during winter, spring then summer

Find me back to when the leaves espy their courage.

By Caitlin B. Foreman

parkway day.

Jeremy and I went out on the parkway today, the colors are fading but we had a brilliant day. Here are some photos from the day--I'll write something significant later.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

emily & matt.

On October 3rd I had the opportunity to photograph the wedding of a friend of mine from high school, Emily. The ceremony was at Duke Gardens in Durham, and it was a gorgeous early autumn day--it was perfect for Emily and Matt. I was honored to be there, and honored to capture it to remember for years to come. Here's a sneak preview for those that can't wait.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

in verse.

No, I won't be writing this post in verse, but the subject will largely be upon that of verse--I'm sure none of you needed that clarification but look, I've gone and given it anyway.
This past weekend managed to be quite lovely in spite of the fact that I worked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Jeremy and I made the trek to Hickory on Friday night through torrential rain to see a show at Drip's, which incidentally was my favorite teenage hangout which was since closed, then reopened under the same name though instead of being a coffee shop with occasional shows and open mic nights, is now a venue that happens to have a full espresso bar. Anyway, yet another needless clarification that I'm leaving in anyway. We arrived into Hickory a bit early so we could make a stop at our favorite public house, The Olde Hickory Taproom--Jeremy got a Scottish Ale and an Oktoberfest Seasonal beer while I got a Black Velvet (half hard cider, half Guinness). It was great to be there again, and all three of my favorite bartenders were working, which is always nice. After filling up on good beer and pub chips, we walked over to Drip's to await the start of the show. The opener, Ian Thomas, was a bit late so the start was pushed back a bit, but once he got there and everything started it was great. Ian was a folksy, bluesy, americana-esque singer, and his stuff was a lot of fun--full of guitar, harmonica, and kazoo, yes, kazoo.
Adrian Rice, Irish poet, went on next to reveal some of his newly written Hickory Haiku, that were absolutely brilliant. I've recently started reading his poetry again, since I've started to understand and appreciate poetry for this first time in my life. Let me tell you, he is phenomenal. I've known he was good, but reading poem after poem cleverly crafted and evocative in each its own way is a screaming testament to his singular talent. I feel honored to call him friend and inspiration to my own poetic aspirations. I was able to sit with him and his lovely wife Molly, and of course Peanut, to whom I look forward to meeting in person in March. It was wonderful to be able to sit with them, and catch up and just see their faces and hear their voices--it had been entirely too long. I look forward to catching up with them again soon, over Guinness and hot Irish stew.
After Adrian, the headliner, Alyn Mearns took the stage with his guitar. Beginning with his own rendition of David Bowie's Nature Boy which was merely the beginning of a beautifully poetic collage of verse and chords. One song in particular stuck with me, the words based on Napoleon's love letters to Josephine, a woman he never could conquer as all the land under his thumb. His whole set was just brilliant, and so unique. During one song, he used a wine glass to distort the sound of his guitar, sliding it up and down the strings. A tremendous talent, and a humble one too, which makes it all the better. His family, wife and kids, were all there too, which I always think is so neat to see. I was able to get a photograph of his son in the foreground with Alyn in the back, on stage, playing--I think it's a poignant shot.
Anyway, it was a great weekend, and so great to see Molly and Adrian, even with the news that my poem and short story were somehow never entered into the contest I sent them too. I've gotten over it now, and am just glad that I had to opportunity to witness such great talent in verse and music, and I hope I'll able to get Alyn and The Belfast Boys up here to Black Mountain to play at the White Horse sometime soon. I'm hoping to continue my education in poetry and shape my own poetic hand as well. Thanks for a great weekend.



Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I've finally changed my background, I've been looking for quite sometime now but hadn't quite found the one that suited me just right. I quite like this one, and I shall probably stay with it for a while. Another new addition, I cut my fringe again. I thought I might grow it out, but found that I missed it ever-so-much and decided to cut it again ( I am still growing my hair out though--just not the bangs.) Hurrah.

Oh, and also my photography website is up and running again. Another hurrah.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

art nouveau.

Portrait of me, as would be done by Alphonse Mucha, the Moravian Art Nouveau pioneer. I'm quite enamored with it to be honest.
Go here if you want to try out some crazy face morphing fun.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

autumn whispers his presence here.

I've been meaning to write for about a week now. Everytime I'm on the computer I go to my blog and sigh to myself, knowing I haven't the time to write all that I would want to. I did as much today when I sat down, but I decided that some writing is better than no writing at all--so here we are.
I'm still quite content with my job at Biltmore, and am still getting used to everything my head must contain in order to adequately perform said job, but I still love the fact that I get to work at such a richly historical place. I've been actually working inside the house for the past few days, and I absolutely love being able to do so. I get to go behind ropes and discover faster ways of getting from place to place where guests are not allowed, it's rather exciting.
I've also been quite enjoying the days that I have off. I go to work with Jeremy in the mornings at the Black Mountain Moments, and enjoy a latte made special for me by my husband, and a good read whilst taking in the usually misty mountain mornings. The eminent coming of autumn is most palpable on those mornings, particularly the misty ones that require light jacket and scarf--my long lost loves during the torrid summer. These mornings allow for peace and slowness, something not so readily available at work--except perhaps those early morning walks from my car to Biltmore house, though the times passes too quickly and I am swept away into the bustle of preparing for the day's guests. The slow mornings on the wooden porch next to my love are the days that keep me going through all the cumbersome days to follow--I look forward to my latte, book, and time to think and write that I need so badly to stay sane. I have recently taken my hand to poetry again, and trying forms on for size. I wrote a ballad for the coming autumn that I think I'll share, just to spur on the arrival of my favorite season.

Autumn Abides

Autumn whispers his presence here.
It's the smell on the crisp breeze dancing in my curls dark,
The harvest moon rising vast and bright through the halcyon sky
Hailing the brilliance of autumn before sinking to winter's stark.

The crisp grows chill as necks and arms are covered.
Mountain winds blow from the distant peaks.
Clouds shroud the valley in an otherworldly mist
Sailing deeper into autumn's boreal weeks.

Trees quiver in the chill air.
Leaves sway to autumn's musical shade.
A firelight of colors blaze in the canopy,
A flicker of beautiful death before the colors fade.

Autumn whispers his presence here.
It's the smell on the crisp breeze dancing in my curls dark,
The harvest moon rising vast and bright through the halcyon sky
Hailing the brilliance of autumn before sinking to winter's stark.

Autumn abides in this mountain valley
Colors of vermilion, sweet orange, and gold here dwell.
Regal purples join in the serenade of hues,
All vivid before ghosting to the ground in one final quell.

Evening comes here in sun and season
Deep blue colors the landscape and the mind.
Autumn's twilight arrives as Boreas blows stronger,
But my heart is bound to autumn as fast as any can find.

Autumn whispers his presence here.
It's the smell on the crisp breeze dancing in my curls dark,
The harvest moon rising vast and bright through the halcyon sky
Hailing the brilliance of autumn before sinking to winter's stark.

Breathing in Autumn's arrival,


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

creatively autumn.

Autumn is undeniably on its way, the last two days have been absolutely divine. The air is cool and crisp, and the misty mountains have greeted me each morning with otherworldly moods. It's beautiful, and it's perfect. It is days like these that make me smile, take a deep breath of mountain air, and stare wistfully at the shrouded mountains (I look a bit the idiot when I'm caught doing it, but who cares? Autumn approaches!). With that said, I have something else exciting to tell about. I've ordered some exciting fabric, and it got here the other day--I'm going to start sewing again! Actually, I already have; my current purse is breaking--the strap is tearing off, and I just made myself a new purse! I drew a sketch of it first, and decided what pieces I would need, then began cutting and sewing last night. I finished it about a half an hour ago, and though it looks nothing like the sketch I drew (hah!), it's still wonderful, and I feel so cool that I did it all by myself. It probably was not the best, nor the most efficient way of sewing a purse, but hey! I did it, don't judge me! Hurrah! Here are some super amazing photos of the new bag. :) My next project is a light jackety thing for autumn out of some really soft heather gray plaid material, which I'm really excited about--I'll probably need to pay more attention to measurements and such for this project though.

Monday, August 24, 2009

castles and coffee.

Today is my first day off this week, and it was much needed--and is currently being much appreciated. I have found myself imbibing more often than tea now, coffee, which is rather strange because I used to hate coffee, and at the same time not strange at all, considering what Jeremy does. I thought I'd confess that to my readers since those who have been following for a while are aware of a previous dedication to hot tea. Don't get me wrong, I still love tea, and come autumn and winter I will be found quite more often with teacup in hand, rather than coffee--but I felt compelled to confess my brief fling with vanilla lattes.
I am now finished with on-the-job training at Biltmore and had my first day on the line in the Welcome Center by myself on Saturday. It's going well, and I get more comfortable everytime I'm there --though I'm still insanely nervous until I'm at my station and the sheer number of people in my line make me forget about how nervous I am and force me to conquer the masses. So that's going well. And yes, I work at a castle. In fact, this is where I work (see amazing photo, and prepare to be insanely jealous at the beauty of my castle *eye twitch*).
Jeremy and I went to the flower carpet evening for the employees last Thursday, and it was a romantic rainy twilight for us. First of all, Jeremy's never been to the house before, so that was fun in itself--but seeing the castle in waning gloaming, and meandering around the grounds hand in hand imagining the estate to be our own is making me look out the window in fond remembrance as I type. A light rain fell all evening, though not enough to extinguish the torches lighting the garden, nor our own flame of exuberance for each other and the marvelous sites we were sharing. The rain pulled in low clouds and fog that settled fantastically in the mountain valleys at which we gazed from the south terrace of the house. The light rain eventually soaked us through as we wandered the water garden admiring giant lily pads and excellence of stone masonry. As we passed last pond of the water garden there was a small stone archway beneath the stairs leading up to the front of the house, I pulled Jeremy in with me, out of the rain, and stole a kiss in the midst of the dim blue gloaming. A tryst, only seconds, but reveled in.

Autumn is beginning to stretch his crisp tendrils into my mountain valley, in the evenings the air cools and crisps and that excites me. Just two nights ago I walked outside with my pup and took in a full deep breath of autumn air--I could smell it, it's faint but I know it is there. Come autumn, and we shall sway once more in poetic inspiration. I wait in patience for the coming of vivid hues and the sweet smells of the season.



Sunday, August 16, 2009


I did some portraits of my nieces and nephews the other day, and I thought I'd share some of them with you. They're pretty much ridiculously beautiful, and I love them. I'll write some more in a couple days and update about my job at Biltmore, but for now let me say that I think I'm going to love it, and I'm already getting into the groove of the program I'll be working with. I can't help but drive onto the Estate everyday and wonder at the beauty, and revel in the fact that I get to work there--I frequently take the scenic route to exit the estate, it's quite lovely.





My boys and me.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

happenings lately.

I figured since I had the time (Sundays are wonderful), and I had plenty to talk about I'd grace you all with two posts in one day, gasp! Numerous things have happened within the last couple weeks, one of the most exciting being that Jeremy and I are now moved into our new apartment. It's only about a mile from our other place, but has so much more room and it has been great fun decorating and putting the place together. It'll be easier to have company over now, so those of you who are close to me are welcome anytime. I will be posting photos of the new place as soon as I am finished putting everything in its place, and I snap some photos.
Another very exciting thing that has happened is that I was offered the job at the Biltmore Estate, hurrah! I will be working at the Welcome Center, selling tickets and telling people about the estate--pretty much the first face people see on the Estate, so it's pretty important. I'm super excited about starting, I begin training this Thursday, the 13th. I'll update again later on how it's going.
A week before Jeremy and I moved, we had a mini-vacation with a good friend, Chelsea. We went down to Seabrook Island in South Carolina, and spent a couple days there. We were able to stop by Charleston on the way home, which was exciting since I'd never been there before. I enjoyed Charleston, but I think I had such lofty expectations of the city that I was let down a bit. It was a great trip though. It was so nice to lie out on the beach and enjoy the sounds of the surf and relax--it was a much needed get away from our everyday lives.
One more a little bit embarassing thing to mention, I watched the trailer for New Moon again the other day and I actually began to get a little bit excited about the movie coming out. When I first saw the trailer on the MTV Movie Awards, I was completely appalled at the graphics and acting in the trailer--but I suppose I've gotten more excited about it since then, and when I rewatched it the other day those things weren't as bothersome. Now, let me just qualify these statements: The Twilight series, though grossly hyped by love-sick teenage girls, is actually a fascinating story. The writing could use a LOT of work, but the story in itself is very engaging and interesting, and I will admit to owning all four books.
I'll update again in the coming days. My brother and sister-in-law are coming to visit from Germany this week, and I am so excited to see and spend some time with them.
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hannah rae.

Now that my beautiful friend, Hannah, has been married for about a week, and I have finally found the time to update--here are some of my favorites from her Bridal Portrait session that we did a couple weeks ago. Hannah was a gorgeous bride, and I feel so honored to have been part of her day. Enjoy.

Friday, July 31, 2009


I have finally conceded and joined twitter. This is a brand new (like 13.2 seconds ago) development, so I don't really have an opinion on it as of yet. But never fear, everyone knows my opinions flow openly once they are formulated.
Jeremy and I are still in the midst of moving into a new apartment--last night was our first night there. Let me just say, I appreciate air conditioning so much more now that I do not have it. We still have a lot to do, much more stuff to move out, then also cleaning and repairing so we get our deposit back (which we desperately need). Anyway, I should be updating again so once we have everything in order. Barnes and Noble job probably a negative, not for my inadequacies, but other reasons. I had an interview at the Biltmore Estate on Monday, and I felt like it went really well. No news yet, but maybe today or early next week.

Until I feel like it again,


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

new beginnings.

This will be short and to the point, and I shall follow up a bit later in the week, or perhaps next week. Jeremy and I are moving into a new apartment in Black Mountain. It is bigger than the place we are in now, and two hundred dollars cheaper. I thank God for giving us this opportunity to save money, and I look forward to the time we have there.
I will also be getting a new job soon; I have applied at a number of places and I hope that it is Barnes and Noble that decide to take me in. Pray that the right job comes along, and that I thrive within it.
Seren is doing better, her infection is all but gone. They are still waiting on results and updates on her kidney issues, and she is still in the hospital receiving antibiotics via IV. Pray for strength and a quick recovery.

Until again,


Thursday, July 16, 2009

many things.

I had planned on writing earlier on here, but--as usual--I haven't had proper time to do so. Numerous things have happened since I last wrote, anniversaries, births, weddings, engagements, and many ponderings that tend to occur in my brain when I least expect them. I suppose I shall start from the beginning, which makes the most sense, as it is where I should start.

The day after I last wrote was Jeremy and my second anniversary (insert raucous huzzahs here). We both had to work that day, but got off around two in the afternoon. We decided to go up on the Blue Ridge Parkway to Craggy Pinnacle to enjoy the late afternoon and early evening. Before we left, Jeremy gave me a beautiful silver barrette with Celtic knotwork and designs embossed into it, as well as Celtic spiral of life earrings. We headed up the parkway which, to no surprise, was gorgeous. We hiked the short way to the top of Craggy Pinnacle and set up our chairs at the summit in front of a view of the reservoir and surrounding moutain peaks and valleys as green as the purest of emeralds. We a light picnic of sandwiches, pretzels, and pasta salad and a bottle of Coppola Claret from 2005, which was delicious. We stayed at the top for a while, enjoying each other's company while Jeremy read from J.R.R. Tolkein's The Hobbit, which I had not read and Jeremy felt he must remedy. We left at just the perfect time as other people came bumbling up the trail. It was a great anniversary; I'm so happy to have spent two years with Jeremy, and look forward to spending many more.

Two nights later, another very exciting yet exhausting (those two come hand in hand far too often) event was that my neice, Seren Amari Foreman, was born early in the morning on July 9th. She came very fast once she decided to come, weighing 10.5 pounds and being only 20 inches long--she's perfect really, with a full head of dark brown hair. Pray for her now though, she went into the hospital on Tuesday night with a fever, which is very dangerous for a week old infant. Pray that she recovers swiftly and the doctors do what they do deftly and confidently.

Last Saturday held much excitement (and exhaustion all said and done). I suppose part of this story could have gone at the beginning, but since I've put it here, here it shall stay. Saturday morning I did a short engagement photoshoot with my brother Drew, and his gorgeous fiance, Kelsey. They were engaged about 2 weeks ago, right here in Montreat, on top of Lookout. So exciting--Jeremy and I are both to be in the wedding party, and the wedding is tenatively to be held next April. More raucous huzzahs for Drew and Kelsey.
Also on Saturday, my cousin Sara Beth married Matt Burns in a beautful ceremony heldin Gaither Chapel in Montreat (the same chapel Jeremy and I got married in, as well as her parents and my parents for that matter.) Sara Beth looked stunning of course, and Matt looked quite dapper in his tuxedo. The reception was full of dancing and good company, including two of my three brothers, and of course Drew's Kelsey. As well as excitement from the wedding--to the wedding I wore a very special dress, one that I made myself (with the wonderful supervision of Christal for most of it.) I shall try to post a photograph, but I actually don't have a good one yet so I might not. It was great making the dress, hard and frustrating at times, but quite rewarding.

On Sunday I did the bridal portraits of a good friend of mine, Hannah, who is getting married on August 1st. It was so much fun, and the photos turned out remarkably well, though Hannah is gorgeous and wasn't afriad of getting the dress dirty (she climbed atop a hay bale in the middle of a field, and jumped off of it as well), so I cannot take all of the credit. I would like to post a photo from the shoot, but I'll have to get Hannah's permission first. Jordan, her fiance, has not seen the dress of course, and I wouldn't want him to stumble upon my blog here and ruin the surprise.

More exciting news includes the homecoming (to Germany) of my brother Stephen, from serving a tour in Iraq. He returns to his wife, Megh, and his girls, Bella and Lola, this Sunday. He and Megh are planning a trip to the US in August and I cannot wait to see them.
In similar news, Andrew Cook, my friend Chelsea's soldier and love ('boyfriend' just doesn't seem profound enough to cover what he is to her)--anyway, he's been deployed to Afganistan for 14 months. So pray for his safety, and Chelsea's sanity while he's gone.

There was something else I wanted to address in this post, and it was in response to something I said in the post before my last, about having a child-like faith. But I think I shall devote a singuar post to it within the next couple of days when I have time. Help me remember, will you?


Monday, July 6, 2009


Ryan Alea Young would have turned twenty-two today. Happy birthday, Ryan. Thank you for reminding me to live like I could be gone tomorrow. Forget the petty things, love the people who matter to you and make sure they know it. Ryan, I'm sorry I didn't tell you how much I admired you, and I'm sorry I didn't call more often, and most of all I'm sorry we didn't make more memories before you went. But I know that you know my regrets, and I know that you're looking down on me. You are a beautiful soul, and I know that even death cannot conquer a spirit as brilliant as yours.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

thinking and nieces & nephews.

I'm taking a break on the tea posts for a while. I think the prospect of a mandatory cup of tea every time I wrote in my blog was keeping me from writing as often as I'd like. I'd rather be writing without tea and changing my theme a bit, than only writing when I felt like brewing and enjoying a steaming cup and keeping up my clever blog theme. So here is another post less than a week after my previous--I'm doing better already, eh?
I've had some time off in the last week, which has allowed me to do some thinking. Which can be a good and a bad thing for me. The good is that I am able to have some time to myself which allows me to reconnect to what really matters, and I can sort things out that need to be sorted. The bad is that I can tend to become stressed out about things that need not be fretted over, which causes my mood to darken a bit as I become worried and dwell on the negative ifs of my future. During this thinking time the good and the bad have been pretty equal, I haven't been elated at the things I've been thinking about but I haven't been utterly depressed either. I think what I'm mostly been is just anxious. Anxious about my job and Jeremy's job, and our lack of financial stability, and the big plans that we have for next year and whether or not they'll come to fruition, and I'm anxious about God's provision to be completely honest. Not that he won't provide, I know He will--He always does, but more about the manner of His provision. I have to admit, I just desire for His plans to be my plans--I want everything to work out exactly how I imagine it. But I know that it must be the other way around, I must desire for my plans to be His. He knows me better than I know myself, and I know He's got everything planned out for me in a better way and more glorifying to Him--I just need to trust Him. I pray that I begin to do so. God's got it, He's going to take care of everything--it's not up to me, and that's so much more comforting than thinking that in order for everything to go right I have to do it myself. I'm glad God's got my back, for lack of a better phrase.
Today was my nephew Dimitri's birthday, and seeing all my nieces and nephews really helped me put things into perspective. Watching their faith in their parents, knowing that Mommy and Daddy will take care of them, I realized that the 'child-like faith' I've known about since forever is such a rich possession. Even more so than their parents take care and know what's best for them, my Father in Heaven has me in His powerful embrace. So, happy birthday Dimitri, and thanks for helping teach me a lesson I should have learned years ago. I pray that I don't forget it.

Here are my beautiful nieces and nephews:

First, Dimitri--because it's his birthday and he never gets to go first.

Eve, she's the oldest and quite the little drama queen.

Eden, the emo child--looking actually remarkably happy in this photo.

And Ariel, the youngest (until Seren is born any minute), she'll beguile you with those eyes, then get into something she's not supposed to.

Always learning,