Wednesday, January 7, 2009

apfel schorle. [travel day.]

Today Jeremy and I traveled back from a three and a half day vacation from our vacation to visit my sister-in-law Meghan and her two lovely dachshunds, Lola and Bella. She lives in the Altstadt in Heidelberg, a short walk from the main street, and right across the river from the fortress on the hill--which is also visible from the living room window. So, this being a rather exhausting traveling day on numerous trains with the temperature outside never rising above zero, and the fact that I'm in a rather climactic part of Foxmask--the prospect of curling up with my book next to my space heater of a husband sounds better than discussing the last 10 days in full right now. I hope to follow this post up with a more substantial one tomorrow. Just look at it as something to look forward to. Here's a photo to tide you over, taken from the lower courtyard of the Heidelberg castle.

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