Thursday, January 15, 2009

english teatime black tea. [the belated last post of europe.]

So now that I've been home for a few days this post might seem a bit anti-climactic, but hey, I promised a last post about Prague, and that I shall do.

Jeremy and I, and my parents went to Prague, Czech Republic last Saturday. We were all very excited about it, and we thought we knew and were prepared for how cold it might be, but let me just say I could have never been prepared for how frozen I was that day as I walked the cobble stone streets of Prague.
It took us about two and a half hours to drive there, and a few minutes after we passed the border into the Czech Republic the telltale signs of the wintry conditions to be born further in began to reveal themselves. I was reading and as we passed the border I looked up and nothing really caught my eye, but as we drove on, and the minutes passed, something inclined me to look up again, and that's when I saw the trees and landscape speeding by me. All the trees, and the ground, and anything immobile was crystallized in a beautifully frozen carapace. When we reached the outskirts of the city and got out of the car, we were greeted with the temperature that usually courts that type of beautiful lansdscape.
After a rough time getting the 400 krone that we needed to buy metro tickets, and finally getting it after Jeremy worked his charm (and a British accent) on a blonde girl working at an Asian fast food place, we finally made it to the city center. From there we proceeded to not know where the heck we were, and ended up asking a local then getting back on the metro and going one more stop farther than we had originally, but not before I found an awesome sculpture outside the great cathedral we happened upon (see photo). Once we got back off the metro we saw the National Museum, and the statue of Saint Wenceslas on a horse. The chill beginning to take its toll, we stopped at a street vendor to substantiate our heat reserves, and eat some Czech sausages, they were quite delicious, though I was still cold afterwards. After trying to fiure out where we were on a stupid little map, Jeremy found a tourist shop and we purchased a wonderful map and Jeremy became our handsome tour guide. We found the square with the astronomical clock and then also proceeded to Charles bridge. That was when I was my coldest, my fingers numb with the freezing air still somehow able to bite at them with some feeling. It was also quite frustrating on the bridge--there were vendors selling photographs of the bridge, photographs that I couldhave taken myself just a well if not better if it wasn't for all the stupid people milling around, and the vendors, and some random taped off portion of the bridge. Frustrating, yes. Then we could see the castle up on the hill above the bridge, and the original gate to the castle grounds at the end of the bridge. Unfortunately, we had wasted too much time being cold and we weren't able to see the castle--it's rather upsetting, when am I going to be in Prague again? Surely not in the winter months if I do happen upon it again.
We ended up having dinner and driving home (after some time running about trying to find a restaurant that ended up elluding us all together, and another trip to the astronomical clock to get night photos.)
Sitting here in my chair, sweater on, tea nearby and within, I can say it was an enjoyable day seeing the sights in Prague--but to be honest, I would like to go back someday and overwrite this experience with a better, warmer one.

So now we're home, thanks to Chelsea picking us up at the Charlotte airport and letting Jeremy drive the car home. We thanked her with dinner at the Taproom in Hickory.
At this point I am searching for a job, and realizing how hard that is at this time of the year. But I'm home with my husband, and I have my puppy by my side again, and my friends are just a phone call away--so I'm happy, even in want of a job and money. I have faith that God with provide.

Warmer than I was in Prague, though it is rather chilly in my house,



Kristi said...

Emma really liked Prague when she went. I'm sorry your time was so cold. I miss you, as always. And I adore the photograph of the clock posted. Luuuuurve.

Amethyst said...

You are such a patient writer. I wish I had your steadfastness.
I'm glad you're home.

Laura Rebecca said...

Wow, you and Chelsea are outstripping me in vocabulary. (I just had to look up "carapace.") I'm glad you're home, too, though now you have entered my frustrating world of "searching for a job" (and I don't think it's just this time of year, either). Hopefully you'll have more success (and sooner) than I have, which you probably will, since you have more experience. Anyway. Can't wait to see you again; after all, I have to make up for weeks of being deprived of your company. And I hope you've written. :)

Laura Rebecca said...

You should write again, mon ami. I like your writing and I miss it when you don't share it.