Tuesday, February 10, 2009

cranberry green tea. [upon request]

Upon the request of my lovely friend, Ellar, I will post a poem that I wrote recently--it's the only one I have, so I cannot completely fulfill her request and post a different poem, but we'll see what I can come up with in the coming weeks. The content of this poem is--surprise--in the same vein as my last two posts.

White Flag

My mouth says, “I am.”
As my spirit throws itself
Against my wall of wishful thinking.
There I will be. So bonny and green.
What about now?
Here in my fruitless fruition.
I cannot loose my grasp.
What if He forgets?
In the hallway of my life
Glimpses of rooms unexplored.
A glimmer of contentedness.
Doors slam, tears fall.
Here. Now.
What am I doing?
Something. Nothing.
The voice whispers softly.
Find contentedness here.
“I will not forget,” He promises.
Blessing cannot come
Until I let Him take it.
Take me.
Let go, you selfish girl.
I’m not struggling against Him.
I’m struggling against myself.
Fruitless by choice.
Turn around, He is waiting.
Desiring to give true fruition.
Let Him come.
Here’s my white flag,
I surrender.
Please… Take me before I change my mind.

Caitlin B. Foreman


Laura Rebecca said...

Thank you! :) I still love it, and reading it myself gives me even greater appreciation for your choice of words and the turn of your phrases. "As my spirit throws itself / Against my wall of wishful thinking..." It's brilliant. And you should never doubt, my dear, that you are a writer.

Amethyst said...

Beautiful, sweetie! This poem definitely reflects an important facet of you. I like that it's not a reflection of all of you---does that make sense? But as I told you the other day, my favorite line is "Fruitless by choice". What a fine and true confession. Write more poetry! I know you think you aren't much of a poet---and perhaps like me, since it doesn't come as natural, you tend to dismiss it--but I think you really really are. I love you. Congrats on everything ever! Hope you and Jeremy had a lurvely V-day.

bookishme said...

Cait, what a beautiful and evocative poem! I pray that you will find the peace and contentedness that you desire. (You get your poesy from me, you know!)