Monday, March 16, 2009

english afternoon tea. [early march]

I realize it has been longer than I usually allow between blog posts, and for that I am sorry. Though I think the only person that has really suffered because of it has been myself, and my own writing. As I take a sip of my English Afternoon Tea in the late evening instead, I try to think what I should write here in this post. I'm torn between having too much to say, and really nothing to say at all. Yes, things have happened, and yes I have been affected by them in both negative and positive ways, but what is really worth taking the time (and the effort--does anyone know how difficult it is to type with an overgrown Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in your lap, who does not want to lay down peacefully, but sit up and look around, so that you have to type around him, and not be able to see the keys at all?--I didn't think so.) I do love my spaniel though--he and his dewy-eyed "I love you" face have been some of my few comforts during the week as Jeremy is away toiling with rock and stone. Yes, Jeremy is still away Monday through Friday down in South Carolina doing stone masonry. I am ever so proud of him, but I must admit that it's hard going to bed each night knowing that not only will I not be able to fall asleep beside him, but I won't be able to wake up next to him either. Though the fact that I miss him is sometime unbearable, I will say that him being away during the week makes the weekends when he comes home all the more wonderful. We both tend to overlook petty things that would have otherwise made us miffed with one another, and just revel in the two short days that we can enjoy each others' company before he rides off into the sunrise again on Monday morning. He is doing well in SC, and though is horridly tired in the evenings after a full day, sunup to sundown, of stone masonry, he soldiers through the week and comes home stronger in body and mind, and ready to be with his wife.
Another interesting and quite exciting piece of information from my last week or so is that I have finally decided that, indeed, I want to continue on and get a Master's Degree, and have also decided that I want to study Irish History in Ireland or Northern Ireland. Once I realized that was what I wanted to do, it was easy to reconcile to because of how obsessed I have been with my Irish heritage and anything Irish for the past 5 or so years. I am really excited about this development and am ready to get things going on it, we must save money and wrap things up where we are first. Plus, Jeremy is going to go to seminary in Scotland before I continue my education in Ireland. So, who knows when God will have us there, but I think we'll be trying to head that direction in the next two or so years.
On a final note, this past week I have been entranced and reveled in the the book The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory. I finished it yesterday and it has quickly risen to the top of my favorite books list. Thanks to my lovely friend, Chelsea, for lending me yet another wonderful novel.

Still sipping,



Amethyst said...

I'm glad you've finally updated. I missed your voice. It makes me very happy that hem hem Jeremy and you get along very well on the weekends. Parting is such sweet sorrow! I don't mind at all that, come friday evenings til Monday at least, I don't hear a word out of you. Go and gallivant together, I say. Tell Jeremy I miss him too. Just different. Not like you do. Ew.

Laura Rebecca said...

Hurray for posting! I miss it, too, when you're quiet here, though I don't say that enough. And I'm glad that you've made a discovery/decision about future plans, even though it means that you really will be taken away from selfish me. (By the way, will you kill me tomorrow if I don't wear green?) And...I'm pretty sure there was something else, but I can't remember... Oh! Yes, I do. I've never had a dog in my lap while I type, but I have had a cat, so I do understand to some degree, though she's smaller than Cael, so it's probably not quite as inconvenient. Indeed. Run-on sentence ended.

bookishme said...

Well, good grief, the mother is always the last to know! A Master's degree, huh? Good idea- and it's good to have a plan. I missed reading your blog too, although I am hardly one to point fingers or throw stones on that account!

Love you and see you soon...