Monday, April 20, 2009

english teatime black tea. [newness]

I have two things to say straight off, one is that it has become obvious through the kind of tea I have favored in my last few posts, and my first inclination of craving as I reach into my full tea drawer that my favorite color of tea is black. Not green, nor red, nor even white--but black. I'm not quite sure what this says about my character, if anything at all, but also I'm not quite ready to find out right now either. So, black tea it is. The second thing that I wanted to say is to excuse myself from over a week of not posting here--but I have a most excellent excuse. Jeremy decided to stay home all week last week, and so from the last Friday that I drove to get him to this morning when I had to drive home from South Carolina without him I spent every spare second of my time in his company. Sine our computer is on the other side of the house from where he was when he was home, naturally I did not see much of it for any length of time.
All that being said I feel I should continue to why I decided to sit down right now and grace my most loyal readers with another post. Two very exciting days fell into my last week, and both of them were properly noted and celebrated. The first, and most important, was Easter Sunday. The day that changed the lives of humans forever over two thousand years ago. I will not go into any sort of homily as to what exactly I mean, for I may be sitting here for quite some time letting the passion I have for my Savior, and what He did for me just flow through my fingertips and into this post. I do, however, encourage you to start a conversation with me anytime about it, for I do love to converse about it all.
On that Sunday, Jeremy and I celebrated first with our congregation through song, the Word, and the Meal, then we celebrated with family. We went over to Jeremy's parent's house and had a lunch which both Christal and I, as well as Jeremy's mother, Anne, contributed. It was nice to give Anne a break from slaving away over food for us all; all she had to do was pop the ham into the oven. It was wonderful being with family, especially Josh and Christal's kids. Children celebrate such holidays with such unharnessed joy that one can't help but stand in their wake and smile. Fellowship with the family extended into the evening with a family soccer game after lunch, at which, of the women, only Mom played--not counting my six year old niece, Eve, who always relishes a good romp around a field. An Easter egg hunt was held on the field for the kids, and many well-filled eggs were found. My nephews, Dimitri and Eden, ran around with their plastic swords during the game, pretending (and sometimes not pretending) to fight each other, and protect the damsels in distress on the sidelines. It was a wonderful afternoon, though I had to leave early because Cael was driving me insane, straining on his leash, yearning for Sorcha (Laurel's dog). Even so, a good time was had by all.
The next very important day last week was my beloved husband's twenty-eighth birthday. On Thursday, April 16th, he aged one more year and I love him all the more for it. I got him a new pipe, a church warden, with a long curved stem, which he liked very much. I also made him a breakfast of chipotle bacon breakfast sandwiches with tomato avocado salsa and we broke our fast very heartily and deliciously that morning. We spent most of his birthday just being with each other which was very nice, and very much needed. On Friday, we had a kind of get together at our house where we cooked out, and spent time with some of our closest friends. It was nice to have company at the house. We were able to spend some time with one of the most wonderful couples we know, Moriah and Jenny Geer-Hardwick, and their adoable daughter, Saya. It was great to spend some time with them, and we hope to do it again quite soon. On Saturday eveing we had yet another get-together for Jeremy's birthday, this time with his family at his parent's house. It was good to see the family again, and spend time in good company, intellectual discussion, and witty humour.
Like I said, I took Jeremy back down to South Carolina this morning and I already miss him tremendously, but I know that the weekend comes, and with it a full two days of his warm embrace. I look forward to it.



Laura Rebecca said...

I think I like black tea, too, and I'm glad you had a good week and the photo of Jeremy is great. He looks a bit like he's about to say something rather profound. In a Scottish brogue.

Amethyst said...

I agree. Black tea is my favorite. It has a nice body. Heh. A rockin' bod. I'm glad your life continues so well! It makes me sad sometimes that you have to disappear for the weekends... but I'm sure you don't mind it at all :)

bookishme said...

Gosh, I hate that I am not a part of your everyday life! But it sounds like your everyday life is going very well and I am happy for that.
Missing you.
Did you call Jake for his birthday?


Amethyst said...

times to be ups-datings! heck, Caitlin, if *I* am updating more often than you, there must be something wrong :)

Laura Rebecca said...

I am in agreement with the soldier singer. I wanna UPDATE! :)

James Oh said...

I am Chinese tea lover and like to exchange ideas on other type of teas so as to add more variety to my choice.