Wednesday, June 24, 2009

i'm not actually drinking any tea. gasp!

This must be the promised update post, but we'll see how far I get before I get tired of writing or looking at the computer screen, or maybe I'll get a call from my brother-in-law, Josh, telling me that Christal is in labor. All three of those are entirely possible, especially the third option excitingly enough.
I've decided that there have been a couple different things keeping me from writing on here for the past couple months. One of which being my lack of enthusiasm of putting the kettle on and waiting for tea to brew, which is why I have finally decided to write without my tea aid. So no, I am not sipping hot tea right now--my blog title is lying to you. Also, after I get home from nannying all day a pair of 6 month old twins, with an attention-mongering five year old thrown in every once in a while, I say to myself "Sit down, use your brain and write on your blog, or lie down and read then sleep?" I obviously always chosen the latter. (I'm off from the nannying this week, hence my miraculous appearance here.)
So many excited and not exciting things have happened in the past however long I haven't written that it would be silly of me to try to write one huge post to attempt to relay it all to you, so I'm not going to. I'm going to upload some photographs for your general perusal, goings on and what not with a short caption explaining in brief what's happening. If you have any question about the photographs, comment.

Dragon Boat racing on Lake Lure.

Ariel and me hanging out on Josh and Christal's porch in May.

Cael asleep on the way home from picking Jeremy up in SC. Scrunchy face!

Chelsea and I being silly at Montford Park during intermission of A Midsummer Night's Dream in early June.

The best darn Oberon I've ever seen. He's my brother!

The three of us at Montford.

Meg and Alby got married!

Maybe I'll update again before two months go by. Then again, maybe I won't.



Laura Rebecca said...

UPDATE! Hurrah! I keep forgetting that Christal is due now. And I still want to see the play, but I think I already told you that. :) And I am glad you have a nannying respite; will it be back to normal next week?

Kristi said...

I miss you I miss you I miss you I miss you.

bookishme said...

Great pix- love that one of Jake! He promised me a video of the play.... he better come through! Glad you updated your blog, but now I guess I'll have to update mine- later this week. And I don't have the excuse of twins to use (been there, done that)!
Miss you muchly! (Too many exclamation marks!)

Megh said...

That is an INCREDIBLE photo of Jake!!!! Fantastic work, Caitlin!