Friday, July 31, 2009


I have finally conceded and joined twitter. This is a brand new (like 13.2 seconds ago) development, so I don't really have an opinion on it as of yet. But never fear, everyone knows my opinions flow openly once they are formulated.
Jeremy and I are still in the midst of moving into a new apartment--last night was our first night there. Let me just say, I appreciate air conditioning so much more now that I do not have it. We still have a lot to do, much more stuff to move out, then also cleaning and repairing so we get our deposit back (which we desperately need). Anyway, I should be updating again so once we have everything in order. Barnes and Noble job probably a negative, not for my inadequacies, but other reasons. I had an interview at the Biltmore Estate on Monday, and I felt like it went really well. No news yet, but maybe today or early next week.

Until I feel like it again,



Amethyst said...

I'm glad you're so confident about the Biltmore job...I'm gonna be in Black Mtn tomorrow with my mum, so give me a ring, mayhaps.

Danielle said...

I haven't fallen to twitter yet, but I just created one of these. Gave up on the livejournaling world. Good luck on the Biltmore Estate. I'm waiting to hear back from Gap on a job. Love your clever little blog.