Monday, August 24, 2009

castles and coffee.

Today is my first day off this week, and it was much needed--and is currently being much appreciated. I have found myself imbibing more often than tea now, coffee, which is rather strange because I used to hate coffee, and at the same time not strange at all, considering what Jeremy does. I thought I'd confess that to my readers since those who have been following for a while are aware of a previous dedication to hot tea. Don't get me wrong, I still love tea, and come autumn and winter I will be found quite more often with teacup in hand, rather than coffee--but I felt compelled to confess my brief fling with vanilla lattes.
I am now finished with on-the-job training at Biltmore and had my first day on the line in the Welcome Center by myself on Saturday. It's going well, and I get more comfortable everytime I'm there --though I'm still insanely nervous until I'm at my station and the sheer number of people in my line make me forget about how nervous I am and force me to conquer the masses. So that's going well. And yes, I work at a castle. In fact, this is where I work (see amazing photo, and prepare to be insanely jealous at the beauty of my castle *eye twitch*).
Jeremy and I went to the flower carpet evening for the employees last Thursday, and it was a romantic rainy twilight for us. First of all, Jeremy's never been to the house before, so that was fun in itself--but seeing the castle in waning gloaming, and meandering around the grounds hand in hand imagining the estate to be our own is making me look out the window in fond remembrance as I type. A light rain fell all evening, though not enough to extinguish the torches lighting the garden, nor our own flame of exuberance for each other and the marvelous sites we were sharing. The rain pulled in low clouds and fog that settled fantastically in the mountain valleys at which we gazed from the south terrace of the house. The light rain eventually soaked us through as we wandered the water garden admiring giant lily pads and excellence of stone masonry. As we passed last pond of the water garden there was a small stone archway beneath the stairs leading up to the front of the house, I pulled Jeremy in with me, out of the rain, and stole a kiss in the midst of the dim blue gloaming. A tryst, only seconds, but reveled in.

Autumn is beginning to stretch his crisp tendrils into my mountain valley, in the evenings the air cools and crisps and that excites me. Just two nights ago I walked outside with my pup and took in a full deep breath of autumn air--I could smell it, it's faint but I know it is there. Come autumn, and we shall sway once more in poetic inspiration. I wait in patience for the coming of vivid hues and the sweet smells of the season.




Ellar said...

I am so excited for autumn to get here. And your pictures are freakin' awesome. They should make you part of their marketing team or something. And I need to come see you and the carpet thingy and whatnot, since I have a pass. Yep.

Amethyst said...

good point about the marketing thing, ellar. cait, if i were you, i'd seriously spend an afternoon there and make up a quick biltmore portfolio and see if they'd be interested in any of your photos. this could possibly be a great career opp. for you :)

Leah said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I haven't gotten that far in The Boleyn Inheritance but it's good so far.

I love your pictures!

Amanda said...

I love the way you described autumn. It's my favourite season. The scent of the crisp wind reminds me of when I fell in love with my fiance.