Sunday, August 9, 2009

happenings lately.

I figured since I had the time (Sundays are wonderful), and I had plenty to talk about I'd grace you all with two posts in one day, gasp! Numerous things have happened within the last couple weeks, one of the most exciting being that Jeremy and I are now moved into our new apartment. It's only about a mile from our other place, but has so much more room and it has been great fun decorating and putting the place together. It'll be easier to have company over now, so those of you who are close to me are welcome anytime. I will be posting photos of the new place as soon as I am finished putting everything in its place, and I snap some photos.
Another very exciting thing that has happened is that I was offered the job at the Biltmore Estate, hurrah! I will be working at the Welcome Center, selling tickets and telling people about the estate--pretty much the first face people see on the Estate, so it's pretty important. I'm super excited about starting, I begin training this Thursday, the 13th. I'll update again later on how it's going.
A week before Jeremy and I moved, we had a mini-vacation with a good friend, Chelsea. We went down to Seabrook Island in South Carolina, and spent a couple days there. We were able to stop by Charleston on the way home, which was exciting since I'd never been there before. I enjoyed Charleston, but I think I had such lofty expectations of the city that I was let down a bit. It was a great trip though. It was so nice to lie out on the beach and enjoy the sounds of the surf and relax--it was a much needed get away from our everyday lives.
One more a little bit embarassing thing to mention, I watched the trailer for New Moon again the other day and I actually began to get a little bit excited about the movie coming out. When I first saw the trailer on the MTV Movie Awards, I was completely appalled at the graphics and acting in the trailer--but I suppose I've gotten more excited about it since then, and when I rewatched it the other day those things weren't as bothersome. Now, let me just qualify these statements: The Twilight series, though grossly hyped by love-sick teenage girls, is actually a fascinating story. The writing could use a LOT of work, but the story in itself is very engaging and interesting, and I will admit to owning all four books.
I'll update again in the coming days. My brother and sister-in-law are coming to visit from Germany this week, and I am so excited to see and spend some time with them.
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Laura Rebecca said...

Charleston is cool, but I think I've been there too often to appreciate it as much as I should. (My parents lived there for four years while Dad was in medical school, so we go back a fair amount.) Anyway, when I'm an amazingly wealthy, world-reknown author and can afford multiple houses, I want (besides that ranch in Montana, of course, which is very important) one of the antebellum houses on Murray Boulevard. Those are amazing. Yeah.

Oh, and since I am going to finally live quite near to you (soon soon!), I think I just might have to take you up on that offer. :)

Laura Rebecca said...

And one more thing!

I'm going to the midnight showing. :)

Amethyst said...

I love Charleston, even though it smells a bit like a stockyard (as does Afghanistan, apparently). But I don't think I'd want to live there. I'd be too afraid of hurricanes. I'd love to visit the beach every year, at least. Well, I kinda do go every year, but still. I'm trying to sound sentimental.

bookishme said...

Can't wait to see photos of your new place! How is Cael settling in? We made our airline reservations for December today- they better get married! Love you- hope your first day of work was great!