Thursday, October 29, 2009

inspired today.

It Comes to a Beginning

As the colors begin to fade

And the last of the warmth seeps away.

One last jaunt into the highlands to

Bid farewell to the glory of autumn.

We wander the hills

Over rocks and roots

Under felled trees not yet prostrate.

Soaking in the verity of the moment.

I shall call upon that memory made

One cold winter’s day, when all I see is frigid blue.

I’ll remember the warm golden sunlight

And the warm golden leaves before they spirited away.

And perhaps for a moment it will warm me again

Before reality lays ahold, and the blue seeps back in.

But these sweet trysts of autumn during winter, spring then summer

Find me back to when the leaves espy their courage.

By Caitlin B. Foreman