Monday, March 15, 2010

i just want morning light.

Apparently my daylight has been saved or some such nonsense. I would eagerly beg to differ with that alleged salvation, and it's only eagerly because I've been awake for two hours already and am well into a Black Irish Mocha, procured when I dropped Jeremy off for work. Two hours ago I undoubtedly would have held the same sentiments, though less eager, and more incomprehensible listless growling about having to wake up before the sun. I'll be the first to admit loving the idea of daylight savings time in the autumn. I mean, who would say no to an extra hour of sleep? Though the trade off of losing an hour of sleep now seems mightily unworthy of having one measly hour more of sleep four months ago.Why must we wake before even the sun has deemed it necessary to fill our valley with her golden morning light? How much better to wake with her, letting those gilded rays lightly kiss our eyelids, willing us to rise and see the beautiful new day that has come? I know we have responsibilities to think of, but I seriously think it is just wrong to have to wake up to darkness when it feels as if we've just fallen asleep to that same lack of light. That being said, the daylight has come now, and I am enjoying being up early enough to appreciate the nuances that only belong to the morning.
Here's to spring, and the coming fullness of new life. Crocuses have bloomed, and tulips and daffodils are imminent. Come quickly, dear spring, fill this valley with your warm embrace, and raise to life all the verdure that awaits your presence to make themselves known.



Amethyst said...

Much agreed, in all sentiments. When I woke up this morning, I was bloody astonished at the state of the world. Dark, cold, unfit for consciousness--and yet, smelling damply of a shy and hesitant spring. Before I trudged out of bed after my 7am alarm, I swear I just closed my eyes for ONE TINY SECOND, and it was 7:45am... But it was still night! my body had no evidence for waking! Such is life.
We should find cause to talk a walk together in this valley of ours some time.

Caitlin said...

Most assuredly, Amethyst.