Friday, April 30, 2010

as promised.

I am updating this morning because I realize that I am in dire need of it, not because I have come prepared with stories, tales and photographs with which to regale my readers. I'll probably put up a photo post within the next few days to supplement this one, since this one will be photo-less.
Anyway, many things have gone on since my last post, my birthday, Jeremy's birthday, springtime arriving, tulips, a day frolicking at Biltmore with Chelsea (yes, we frolicked.) Among other things. Photos shall be posted, never fear. When though, that might be a tricky part.
My birthday was nice, full of family, friend, and red velvet cake. Jeremy's birthday was much the same, except cheesecake with fresh strawberries instead. Spring has most indubitably sprung, and I love it. Flowers are exuberantly beautiful and the trees are resplendent in new green. Festival of Flowers is well upon us at Biltmore and the tulips have just finished in a flourish and the snapdragons and foxgloves are in their stead. It's beautifully inspiring, the house, the gardens, the ground. I've written four poems in as many days, and begun a new novel. Which is all rather exciting, even if I'll probably not finish the novel, and not do anything with the poems. But writing for myself is enough for me, and that's important as a writer I think.
Edinburgh draws ever nearer as I have just purchased my plane ticket to fly over on September 1 (gasp!). Jeremy will probably be following me over in early October with Cael. We'll try to see if he can come earlier, but things aren't for sure yet--I'll be calling the airline this week. So it's official, we're definitely going. I've started some online Scots-Gaelic lessons so I'll have some background when I start school.
I've also gotten a promotion at work, more responsibility, new places to work, and a raise which is nice for my morale, and for my Scotland savings-fund. Hurrah!
I'm sure there's probably more to say, but I'll have to add it later, maybe in my photo post. Talk to you chumlie-wumlies later.

Mar sin leibh!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

passing time.

I realize how much has passed, and wanted to assure my lovely readers that I have not forgotten about my writings. I shall be writing a more full-bodied update soon. So hold fast to that promise, dear ones. Soon.