Monday, May 17, 2010

rainy spring morning.

I really love mornings like this. I sit, cup of tea in hand, windows flung open, and just breathe and listen. I breathe in the fresh scent of fallen spring rain and listen to their brethren continue to fall upon the newly green leaves. That smell and that sound are two things that put my heart to ease and my mind at rest. When I drove Jeremy into work this morning, there were rivers of low mist snaking through the mountain passes, laying gently upon the new forest, following the rises and falls of the mountains perfectly. It's a beautiful and breath-taking sight that never fails to bring wonder into my heart. A rainy spring morning is what I was made to enjoy, and I thank God he has given me yet another one in which to revel.


Kristi said...

I thought of you yesterday listening to NPR. They have this "Three Minute Fiction" contest, and I think you should enter sometime.

bookishme said...

Well, then, you would have LOVED living in Bavaria for the past month or so- lots and lots of rain to enjoy! Finally, we have some spring-like weather! Flowers peep and birds bloom.
Love you.