Thursday, August 5, 2010

visas, and appendices, and supporting documents. oh my!

This is pretty much how I've felt for the past week and a half while I've been attempting to decipher and correctly navigate the Visa application process through the UK Border Agency. After numerous hours of wading through websites and checklists, countless e-mails and one phone call with an International Officer at the University, a couple different printings, a few screamed obscenities, several tears, two sets of passport photos, a two-hour trip to Charlotte for a five-minute appointment, doublecheck, triplecheck, about $600 and one bottle of white-out, I have finally (hopefully) gotten everything I need and will be sending out our rather large packet of applications and supporting documents tomorrow morning. Hurrah. Pray that all is in order and we get processed and approved with plenty of time to spare.

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Ellar said...

Yikes. (Even though you still manage to look amazing.) Praying for sure, friend.