Tuesday, September 21, 2010

still new.

Everything is still trying to settle down. I'm through my first two days of classes and I think I'm going to have a really excellent albeit challenging year. Jeremy's now been registered to take an open class through the University called "Arthurian Scotland," which will be once a week for ten weeks--the class meets in Edinburgh Castle! How cool is that? Jeremy's been writing and reading a lot, and is planning on finding work soon, but is enjoying some much deserved time off. I've just begun reading George MacDonald's Phantastes and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I'm only about six chapters in and I can already recommend it. MacDonald is brilliant with his descriptions and word usage, the images he creates are stirring. It really is wonderful. Well, I'm off to study Gaelic till bedtime.
Oidhche mhath!



bookishme said...

So proud of you both!!
Gaelic makes my tongue ache- am sure I regularly murder the words in my head as I read them.

Love you

Amethyst said...

haha cait your mum is adorable. I'm so proud of you! I'm totally jealous of your classes... i mailed you a long long long letter yesterday :) in response to your lovely publy letter. Love ya!