Tuesday, March 29, 2011

weekend in photos.

Again, I'm short on time to give you all a proper update with both words and photos, so I figured you'd settle for just photos given the choice. My parents are here, they arrived on my birthday--which was on Saturday-- and it's been lovely to show them around our city and spend time with them. I've got a dissertation meeting today, then more touristy-stuff with the parents, so life continues on and I've only got a little time to stop and fill you in here. I'm going to keep promising until I do it--a proper update coming soon!
Birthday breakfast, flowers, and gift--compliments of mo leannan, Jeremy.

Birthday drinks and eats with my parents and Jeremy at the Black Bull on Grassmarket.

My mum and me!

Sunday at Edinburgh Castle. Stained glass of St. Columba at St. Margaret's Chapel.

My adorable parents outside Edinburgh Castle.

Graveyard in Stirling, just below the castle.

Inside Stirling Castle.

Quintessential bodaich, old men, outside a pub in Stirling.

A tremendous sunset over Edinburgh to finish up the day quite nicely.

Right, until next time! :)


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

etsy wednesday.

(This is me taking a break from all my editing, honing, and writing for my essays--not procrastinating.)

I just had to share this Etsy shop that I just found, it's called Jeunebugs. This woman, Jeune, from Oregon makes the most gorgeous jewelry out of real leaves, pine cones, acorns, among other things too. They're just absolutely gorgeous, and I couldn't help but just stare at their delicate beauty. Here's a collage of some of my favorites. Those aspen and oak leaves took my breath away. Check her out!
How gorgeous are these?

Okay, back to work. Back with a real update soon!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

busy busy.

Here are some snapshots of what the majority of my days look like. I'll be back to properly update once I get these essays finished and I've aced (fingers crossed!) my Gaelic tests.

Faithful companions.


Fionn MacCumhail

And to make things a little more interesting, here's a shot I got last night on my way home from my fiddle recital/concert thing. More on that to come.

Moon over the Meadows

Until I'm considerably less stressed-out,


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

i heart faces. [sun flare]

So this week's iheartfaces.com photo challenge theme is 'Sun Flare'. Since Edinburgh has been drearily devoid of any sun this week I've decided to go back into the archives of my photography and pick a really nice one that fit with the theme. This was for the bridal portraits of my dear friend, and college roommate, Hannah, which was probably one of the most enjoyable shoots I've ever been on. She climbed up on this hay bale without any help, and without worrying about her dress, then she leaped off of it when we were finished. She's a country girl, born and bred, and the shots in this field really embodied her little-bit-country flare.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

a wednesday.

A few things that have made this a good day:

Feeling pretty good after taking my Gaelic test this morning.
Walking home from class in sunshine.
Seeing this on my way to meet Jeremy's aunt for coffee.
Spring is coming!

Knowing that even the snowfall last night couldn't hold back these crocuses and their spring splendor.

Having a mocha and a good chat with Aunt Tessa, and then getting to hold the three-month-old she was babysitting.
Going to see my husband at work, he gives the best hugs.
Perusing a vintage shop on the way home.
This cup of afternoon tea.

Knowing that I'm going to make a fair dent in my Traditional Narrative essay tonight.

So here's to a good day, yeah?

I also wanted to call myself out to you lot, because I have made myself a liar. In my post about my crocheted socks, I said that those would be the last creative thing I would do before I turned in my dissertation. Well, I was mistaken. The other day I started crocheting a hat, and a couple days later I had finished it without really thinking about it. Whoops. Oh well, now I have a new hat. It's quite nice actually, it's a slouchy kind of hat with nice ribbing and it's a warm brown color as well. I've enjoyed wearing it on this chilly almost-spring day--I can't bring myself to admit it's still winter, I am so ready for spring. Here are a couple snap-shots of my new hat.

On another exciting front, I was given a gift certificate to Amazon.com for my upcoming birthday, and I ordered some adorable shoes that I have been wanting, and they arrived yesterday! I've been wanting and needing some black shoes that aren't heels, and are dressy, but that also aren't ballet flats because my feet get so cold. I've been seeing these kind of shoes around for a while, and I love how classy and vintage they are. I'll be able to wear them with nearly any kind of outfit, so I'm excited to try them out.
Here's a photo of the new wardrobe addition.

It's so lovely to begin to notice spring's imminent arrival, isn't it? As I was walking to meet Aunt Tessa for coffee across the Meadows and I saw the long pathway of those mighty little crocuses, that promise of new life and color, the knowledge that the darkness is receding and light is staking it's claim upon the season again--it made me warmer somehow, even though this windy day was bitingly cold. I was warmed by the thought of spring. How beautiful is it that anticipation can have that effect? The knowledge that something better is coming, something you've been waiting for through the long winter. And it's even sweeter because we've been through this winter; spring's life and light just wouldn't be the same if we didn't have the darkness and the cold, the depth of winter still keeping its tenuous hold on us as we see the signs of springs arrival, and then that grasp finally breaks with the warm breath of spring finally returning to greet us. And we smile and laugh and remember the winter, we remember the chill and the dark, and we delight in the newness of the warmth and light.
So come, spring, I am waiting to delight in you once again.

Most contentedly,


Saturday, March 5, 2011

farmer's market.

I went to the Farmer's Market again this morning in Edinburgh, just beneath the looming presence of castle rock. I couldn't resist a buffalo burger two weeks in a row, so I got one for myself for lunch, and--good wife that I am--got one for Jeremy and brought it to him at work. I also purchased a meat pie again this week, we got the Laird's Game Pie last week--complete with venison, wild boar, pheasant, and wood pigeon--and this week I got the Cullen Skink pie, which is not lizard for any of you are differently familiar with the term. This one contains Scottish smoked haddock and leeks in a tarragon and fresh dill, cream and lemon sauce. Yeah, it sounded good to me too, that's why I bought it.
I also got some Arran cheese, again. Last week we got the stone ground Arran mustard cheddar cheese, and that definitely did not last long. This morning I picked up crushed herb cheddar cheese and claret cheddar, and I'm pretty confident that they'll be just as tasty--mostly because the nice lady gave me samples of both of them. One of these weeks I'll be prepared enough to know what I'll be cooking for the week and I'll be able to get some fresh local produce as well, and maybe even grab a little container of snowdrops to brighten up the kitchen too.
But for now, I'll enjoy my Arran cheese and Cullen Skink pie tonight, and look forward to perusing the freshness of the market again next week.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

my first pair of socks.

Admittedly, after I finally finished the first sock, I looked at the ball of yarn that looked so little like that second sock I needed, and I stopped crocheting for a least a month. But I have emerged victorious because I now have a pair--yes, a pair--of handmade crocheted socks. They very nearly match in size, the difference is hardly noticeable--which is impressive because I didn't use a pattern and I made them at least a month apart. So here you have it, my physical creativity used-up until at least August when I turn in my dissertation into which every ounce of my creativity and intellect will go (hopefully), which incidentally I still don't have a topic for, and the time to cross that bridge is nigh.
But for now, enjoy reveling in the sock glory. :)