Wednesday, March 23, 2011

etsy wednesday.

(This is me taking a break from all my editing, honing, and writing for my essays--not procrastinating.)

I just had to share this Etsy shop that I just found, it's called Jeunebugs. This woman, Jeune, from Oregon makes the most gorgeous jewelry out of real leaves, pine cones, acorns, among other things too. They're just absolutely gorgeous, and I couldn't help but just stare at their delicate beauty. Here's a collage of some of my favorites. Those aspen and oak leaves took my breath away. Check her out!
How gorgeous are these?

Okay, back to work. Back with a real update soon!



Nicole said...

love these pieces of jewelry!

Sam said...

these are gorgeous! I have a love affair with fall (year round). so soo lovely.

Anonymous said...

Those are REALLY COOL!