Saturday, March 5, 2011

farmer's market.

I went to the Farmer's Market again this morning in Edinburgh, just beneath the looming presence of castle rock. I couldn't resist a buffalo burger two weeks in a row, so I got one for myself for lunch, and--good wife that I am--got one for Jeremy and brought it to him at work. I also purchased a meat pie again this week, we got the Laird's Game Pie last week--complete with venison, wild boar, pheasant, and wood pigeon--and this week I got the Cullen Skink pie, which is not lizard for any of you are differently familiar with the term. This one contains Scottish smoked haddock and leeks in a tarragon and fresh dill, cream and lemon sauce. Yeah, it sounded good to me too, that's why I bought it.
I also got some Arran cheese, again. Last week we got the stone ground Arran mustard cheddar cheese, and that definitely did not last long. This morning I picked up crushed herb cheddar cheese and claret cheddar, and I'm pretty confident that they'll be just as tasty--mostly because the nice lady gave me samples of both of them. One of these weeks I'll be prepared enough to know what I'll be cooking for the week and I'll be able to get some fresh local produce as well, and maybe even grab a little container of snowdrops to brighten up the kitchen too.
But for now, I'll enjoy my Arran cheese and Cullen Skink pie tonight, and look forward to perusing the freshness of the market again next week.

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Sam said...

Man, I love farmer's markets! They feel so wholesome and healthy! I get inspired just walking thru them. happy shopping!