Thursday, March 3, 2011

my first pair of socks.

Admittedly, after I finally finished the first sock, I looked at the ball of yarn that looked so little like that second sock I needed, and I stopped crocheting for a least a month. But I have emerged victorious because I now have a pair--yes, a pair--of handmade crocheted socks. They very nearly match in size, the difference is hardly noticeable--which is impressive because I didn't use a pattern and I made them at least a month apart. So here you have it, my physical creativity used-up until at least August when I turn in my dissertation into which every ounce of my creativity and intellect will go (hopefully), which incidentally I still don't have a topic for, and the time to cross that bridge is nigh.
But for now, enjoy reveling in the sock glory. :)

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hHf said...

so cute!
love them