Wednesday, March 9, 2011

a wednesday.

A few things that have made this a good day:

Feeling pretty good after taking my Gaelic test this morning.
Walking home from class in sunshine.
Seeing this on my way to meet Jeremy's aunt for coffee.
Spring is coming!

Knowing that even the snowfall last night couldn't hold back these crocuses and their spring splendor.

Having a mocha and a good chat with Aunt Tessa, and then getting to hold the three-month-old she was babysitting.
Going to see my husband at work, he gives the best hugs.
Perusing a vintage shop on the way home.
This cup of afternoon tea.

Knowing that I'm going to make a fair dent in my Traditional Narrative essay tonight.

So here's to a good day, yeah?

I also wanted to call myself out to you lot, because I have made myself a liar. In my post about my crocheted socks, I said that those would be the last creative thing I would do before I turned in my dissertation. Well, I was mistaken. The other day I started crocheting a hat, and a couple days later I had finished it without really thinking about it. Whoops. Oh well, now I have a new hat. It's quite nice actually, it's a slouchy kind of hat with nice ribbing and it's a warm brown color as well. I've enjoyed wearing it on this chilly almost-spring day--I can't bring myself to admit it's still winter, I am so ready for spring. Here are a couple snap-shots of my new hat.

On another exciting front, I was given a gift certificate to for my upcoming birthday, and I ordered some adorable shoes that I have been wanting, and they arrived yesterday! I've been wanting and needing some black shoes that aren't heels, and are dressy, but that also aren't ballet flats because my feet get so cold. I've been seeing these kind of shoes around for a while, and I love how classy and vintage they are. I'll be able to wear them with nearly any kind of outfit, so I'm excited to try them out.
Here's a photo of the new wardrobe addition.

It's so lovely to begin to notice spring's imminent arrival, isn't it? As I was walking to meet Aunt Tessa for coffee across the Meadows and I saw the long pathway of those mighty little crocuses, that promise of new life and color, the knowledge that the darkness is receding and light is staking it's claim upon the season again--it made me warmer somehow, even though this windy day was bitingly cold. I was warmed by the thought of spring. How beautiful is it that anticipation can have that effect? The knowledge that something better is coming, something you've been waiting for through the long winter. And it's even sweeter because we've been through this winter; spring's life and light just wouldn't be the same if we didn't have the darkness and the cold, the depth of winter still keeping its tenuous hold on us as we see the signs of springs arrival, and then that grasp finally breaks with the warm breath of spring finally returning to greet us. And we smile and laugh and remember the winter, we remember the chill and the dark, and we delight in the newness of the warmth and light.
So come, spring, I am waiting to delight in you once again.

Most contentedly,


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