Tuesday, March 29, 2011

weekend in photos.

Again, I'm short on time to give you all a proper update with both words and photos, so I figured you'd settle for just photos given the choice. My parents are here, they arrived on my birthday--which was on Saturday-- and it's been lovely to show them around our city and spend time with them. I've got a dissertation meeting today, then more touristy-stuff with the parents, so life continues on and I've only got a little time to stop and fill you in here. I'm going to keep promising until I do it--a proper update coming soon!
Birthday breakfast, flowers, and gift--compliments of mo leannan, Jeremy.

Birthday drinks and eats with my parents and Jeremy at the Black Bull on Grassmarket.

My mum and me!

Sunday at Edinburgh Castle. Stained glass of St. Columba at St. Margaret's Chapel.

My adorable parents outside Edinburgh Castle.

Graveyard in Stirling, just below the castle.

Inside Stirling Castle.

Quintessential bodaich, old men, outside a pub in Stirling.

A tremendous sunset over Edinburgh to finish up the day quite nicely.

Right, until next time! :)



Idle Housewife said...

OMG EXCELLENT photos of your folk's visit!!! So glad they finally made it. And -sigh- we miss Europe.


Amethyst said...

So glad you got to see your parents! I'm jealous, of them and of you. lovely photos! stole the Kirkyard photo for my background on my work computer.

Sam said...

love it! thanks for sharing Caitlin!