Wednesday, April 6, 2011

my hairs.

They have been cut. Actually, I let Jeremy cut my hair. This isn't the first time, and he didn't do too bad. I figure, he lets me cut his hair, so why not show him the trust he shows me and let him cut mine? I realize that logic could have backfired, but fortunately it did not. I've tweaked some things here and there, but all in all I'm quite happy with it. It was time for a change, and I was honestly getting so sick of pulling my hair every time I put my bag on my shoulders. I'd have to fight to get it untangled, and it was just becoming a burden. So it's been chopped off and now I can enjoy a painless time as I shoulder my bag and head out the door.

Keep praying for Cael. Things are still unclear as to what has happened, and how serious it is.



Kristi said...

Can Jeremy cut my hair? Because seriously, awesome job. I tried cutting Andy's hair once. It didn't turn out so hot. We ended up letting his floormates buzz it, which was humorous. He got to count it as an RA for a community building activity though, so all's well.

Amethyst said...

absolutely gorgeous! good job, Jeremy! (and you for your tweakage). you look so well grown up and stylish. I'm still praying for the puppers. all will be alright.

Ellar said...

Haha, the hair-getting-caught-by-the-bag-strap was definitely one of the things that put me over the edge, too. :) Lovely, lovely.