Saturday, May 7, 2011

being together.

Jeremy and I had a number of errands to do yesterday in preparation for our trip back to North Carolina next week, one of which being a jaunt to an outdoor/army supply store down on Leith Walk. So we took the bus, though we rarely do that--I think memories of the last time we walked from the bottom of Leith Walk all the way to West End full of burning feet and blisters still haunt us. We caught the bus, got only a block or two turned around but eventually found what we were looking for. It's so nice to get out and about again, to see parts of the city we haven't really seen in months. As we were walking back up Leith Walk to a different bus stop we popped into a near-empty pub for a sit-down, a drink, and to enjoy each other's company. The pub was quite neat on the inside, deep mahogany paneling with matching furniture trimmed in a forest green leather. The pub only had a few people in it, so we went to the back corner--past the adorable old man with his whole bag of golf clubs beside him, and we just sat and reveled in being together, not doing anything.
Here we are, together. :)
Things seem to have been on auto-pilot lately, and we seem to rarely cross paths--though we have for extended periods of time, it was more like just being in the same room than spending time together. So our whole day out was almost like a date-day, even though we went out for errands and not specifically for amorous intentions. But it's nice to be reminded why we were attracted to each other in the first place, and to look at my husband and know that he is mine and I am his, and that neither of us have to worry about the 'dating scene' ever again--though we can lovingly, and sometimes laughingly, remember our time of dating each other. We laughed and talked, and then we caught a bus back home, ran a few more errands--made fun of the girls running around Edinburgh in just tights and a top, they apparently think tights pass for trousers, someone should tell the poor lambs--then back home, and I made some dinner and we spent some more time together. It was nice to be together again, really together and not just near each other. I am so thankful for my husband, and so blessed to have him in my life.

Here I am, modeling my drink and the opulently colored furniture.

A happy wife,



Faith said...

Totally know the feeling! Glad you got a date day. Beautiful pictures in your last few blogs by the way!

Ellar said...

This is slightly off-topic, but I don't think I had realized that your hair was quite that short. I LOVE it!

Amethyst said...

Agreed on the awesome hair! And I love the leggings in the second photo.