Sunday, May 1, 2011


This is proof that both Edinburgh was gorgeous today and that I went out and enjoyed it. I walked all the way around Holyrood Park, it was absolutely lovely.

To be fair, this next shot wasn't from today, but from Friday. When I was uploading the other photos from my phone I remembered this one and had to share it. Taken in the Meadows.


Amethyst said...

What beauty. I've got a great deal of natural loveliness (albeit VASTLY different from yours) around me, in these desert mountains of the American southwest, but you know what I really miss? The same thing I'm sure you miss--the landscapes of our dear Western North Carolina. I should like to enjoy those places with you again one day.

Carlee and Jared said...

Wow-- what an amazing place!

Sam said...

Stunning, Caitlin. really.