Monday, May 9, 2011

photo ramble.

Jeremy and I are leaving the day after tomorrow for North Carolina, and we are utilizing trip to also begin bringing back some of our clothing and things that we won't be using for the next few months until we move back permanently to North Carolina. Since I haven't used my lovely lenses and adapters for my DSLR, I've decided that it's best to go ahead and take them back home. Since I know I'm losing them--not my camera, mind you, just all the attachments and extras that I normally don't use--I went out on a quick photo ramble today around Southside, shooting interesting things and playing with my old 50mm lens that was originally part of my father's old Canon film SLR. I bought an adapter that would allow me to use it on my current Rebel XTi DSLR, and I haven't really gotten around to playing with it since being here. It was interesting since it is a completely manual lens, I have to set to aperture on the lens itself then coordinate the shutter speed accordingly in the Manual setting on my Rebel. It was entertaining to see what I could remember from my fully manual photography classes in high school. The 50mm lens has a fixed focal length which means I can't zoom in or zoom out, and it was good for me to realize how much an easy zoom lens can be a crutch to a photographer. There was a quote that my photography teacher in high school had us build a composition around in our art journals, I don't remember who said it, but it goes something like "If your photographs aren't good enough, you aren't close enough." I think this is so important as a photographer, you can play with depth of field and focus when you physically use your own legs as a zoom rather than a quick flick of your wrist on the lens.
My ramble was unfortunately cut a bit short due to a rogue Scottish rainstorm that moved in so quickly that I found myself running down Nicolson Street, past coffee shops with open doors and people with umbrellas, back to my flat to keep my bag and camera from getting wet. It was rather nice though, the rain was a warm spring rain rather than a chilling winter shower, and the wind that picked up with the rain was a refreshing one instead of one that makes you wish you had seal skin as it nips and bites at your exposed arms. Cut short though it was, I still was able to get some interesting shots. I played around a bit with them in Photoshop and these are my favorites.

The stairway in our building.

I love the weathervane in this one.

The stones in this wall looks so worn and experienced. If stones could speak, huh?

A pub just around the corner from our flat.

I've also posted this last photo as photo of the week on the tab above, go check it out if you want to hear more about composition and editing.

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