Sunday, June 19, 2011

away to Skye.

We're saying goodbye to bonny Edinburgh for the next few days, and taking a trip up to the Isle of Skye. Two nights in Skye, one full day, and then on either side the traveling days will be going through Pitlochry and Inverness and then Glen Coe and the Wallace Monument. We're quite excited to get a better (and longer) view of the Highlands and Islands, especially Skye, as it's the one place that everyone tells us we need to see. In Gaelic a common moniker for it is Eilean a' Cheo--the island of mist--so we're looking forward to inspiring landscapes and mysterious mist-covered mornings.

Bye bye for now, fair Edina!

And a very happy Father's day to the best Dad a girl could ask for. Thanks for being an awesome dad, Dad. I love you an incredible amount.



Carlee and Jared said...

Have a great trip! I love that picture :)

Amethyst said...

You realize you'll have to go to all these places again once I come visit? :) :) :) Have a grand time!