Saturday, June 25, 2011

perks of being a city-dweller.

Living in a city definitely has its perks, from being able to walk pretty much anywhere to the abundance of things to do and see. Another perk of our life in Edinburgh are the charity shops. They're more plentiful than grocery stores in our little Newington area, and they're always stuffed with hidden gems and amazing finds. I don't buy things often or I'd be completely out of money by now, but on occasion I'll splurge with a fiver or so. Here's an adorable plaid skirt that I got yesterday for £5.

Another wonderful benefit of this city is the Farmer's Market every Saturday on Castle Terrace. I've mentioned this before, but I've made a pretty religious habit of traipsing over there on a Saturday morning to admire the goods and procure something tasty for us. There are so many different vendors, some that are there each week and some that I've only seen there once. It's a great place to get local produce and  fresh goods and to support local farmers as well. I'd never really understood the importance or benefit of that until living in a city and comparing the produce and meat I get at Tesco to the quality of the things I can get at the market. I can't buy everything there--though I'd like to--because it can be a little more pricey than I can afford, but I try to at least buy my eggs there and the occasional Aberdeen Angus beef patties for burgers, as well as whatever freshness strikes my fancy that week. Here's my booty from the Farmer's Market this morning.

And for those of you wondering, yes, that's German bread freshly-baked locally in Edinburgh. Dee-lish.

Good times. And I'm still working on the Skye trip for those waiting with bated breath. Right, well, I'm off for a bite of lunch and spending some quality time reading about Celtic deities and their transmogrifying habits.


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Amethyst said...

Absolutely love the skirt! I'm quite jealous. and your spoils from the Farmer's Market look divine, and they make me quite hungry even though I'm full up on biscuits-n-gravy at the moment :) O, the strawberries! Nom!