Saturday, June 4, 2011

we went adventuring in the borders.

 Lindisfarne. The Holy Island, it was full of ancient stone and sacred history. To be there in the midst of it all was absolutely incredible, and incredibly humbling. A pilgrimage there would be well worth it.

Bamburgh Castle. We only had a short stop here, but it surely left its formidable impression on us. We also listened to the first book of the Saxon Tales by Bernard Cornwell before we went, which made it that much cooler. Imagining Uhtred of Bebbanburg within those great walls was quite easy.

Alnwick Castle. Pronounced "Ann-ick" and the place where the first two Harry Potter movies were filmed. We enjoyed exploring and taking little amorous breaks in the alcoves of old stone. It was a breathtaking fortress still owned by the Percy family. In the State Rooms there were recent family pictures set up everywhere. It was surreal to realize that a real family still owned it and it was actually someone's home. Albeit not their only home, and one much bigger than anyone I know is used to.

The solemn monument in Flodden Field to the Scots lives lost in the battle here so many years ago. The countryside surrounding it was so idyllic and serene, it's hard to imagine it being the site of such brutal violence.

A day full of sights and sounds both ancient and modern. This great isle is so full of history it's hard to choose which histories to go and relive. But we're going to experience all we can while we're still here. Here's to another day and another adventure.


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