Friday, July 29, 2011


So, I've recently found a brand new way to procrastinate and put off working on my dissertation (like I needed another way), but this one is something that actually is pretty neat. It even has Jeremy spending time on it, though he still refuses to make his own account. It's kind of hard to explain what it is, but basically it's a way to organize and remember random things that you find on the internet. Now I realize that doesn't sound so appealing, especially if you're just thinking it is full of cute kitten photos that have 'can i haz a cheezburger' written in black block letters. Those are definitely represented well on this site, but that's not all it is. It's a place to find and share and remember all those cool things you find online. I've found numerous recipes I'm just dying to try, or sewing projects I'm itching to get back to my sewing machine to attempt, or I'll be honest, funny and stupid stuff like a photo of Sean Connery with a mustache that says "I mustache you a question, but I'm shaving it for later." Hah. Yes, I know, but it really is helpful and a great way to find DIY projects and just be inspired to do things. People who have spent any amount of time on this site will understand that it can tend to suck you straight into a time vortex and before you know it, you've spent two hours looking at photos of Lord knows what. But some people have decided to become 'pinspired' and try to use or recreate something neat that they've found on Pinterest, so it's not just another time-wasting activity. As I mentioned before, I am sans-sewing machine whilst we're abroad, so all my sewing inspirations are put on hold for the moment, and unfortunately we are also short on a lot of cooking items and utensils that would allow me to make some bangin' new recipes, and to spend money on buying them would be silly since we'd be leaving them in a month's time. But, clever as I am, I have managed to incorporate something that I've found on Pinterest into my week. On Monday I had a really rough day, being given the run-around and down-right insulted by the letting agency that manages my flat, phone call after phone call, and finally an e-mail, and an unfortunate fight with Jeremy while he was at work about the whole thing, after all that I was in no state of mind to write anything worthy of anyone else's eyes on my dissertation. So I decided to curl up (I wish I could say on a couch, but we don't have one that's worth curling up on, and we only have Ikea chairs, that while are remotely comfortable, are nothing compared to a comfy, sink-into-me full size couch), so I guess I didn't exactly curl up, but you get the picture, and I watched a movie with some freshly baked cookies. Nutella cookies to be more specific, yes, you read that right. There are only four ingredients in these little babies, and they are absolutely divine fresh out of the oven. Not too sweet, and just right with a glass of milk and slices of a Pink Lady apple (my fave).
So, all said and done, Pinterest has not been a complete waste of time, and I intend to put to use more of the amazing little gems I find on there as well.
Here's a tantalizing photo of my batch of Nutella cookies that cured my no-good-very-bad day.

Check out Pinterest as well, if you haven't already, but you have been warned--do keep in mind its addictive nature.

Oh, and since I know you want it, here's a link to the recipe I used to make those things you can't take your eyes off of up there. Make them, you know you want to. Happy baking, and happy pinning.



bookishme said...

They do look delicious!!

Amethyst said...

Caitlin. E.B.F. (I would say your full name reprimandingly, but its the internet. gotta be safe!) its "i can haz cheezburger?" not "can i haz cheezburger?" sheesh. But seriously... Pinterest is so cool. Cant wait to look at your page again!

Faith said...

Must. Eat. Cookies...