Friday, August 19, 2011

done and done.

I can hardly believe it, but it's true. My dissertation is officially finished and turned in, there's nothing else I can add to it or change about it, even if I wanted to--and I don't, I'm done. It feels pretty good, I have to say, though there's still the small detail of whether or not I'll get a good mark on it or not. I'm pretty certain I'll graduate though, regardless of my mark (unless I wildly fail it, which I'm not anticipating), so that's pretty cool. I'm going to be a Master of something--though to be fair, I don't know that I'll ever feel comfortable calling myself a Master in Highland Studies, there's so much more for me to learn.
Here's a little peek into what the last few days looked like for me:

Hard at work, editing and honing my argument. And adding in a key element to my analysis that I didn't consider to add until this past Monday. Whoops, haha, at least I got it all in there.

I was rewarded for my diligence when Jeremy called me to tell me to look out our window at the beautiful sunset playing on Arthur's Seat and the surrounding crags. Just breath-taking.

I finished it around lunchtime on Thursday afternoon, and opted to go ahead to get it printed that day instead of fretting and overworking it that night and standing in a queue for ages waiting to get it printed and bound at the print shop. I was rather excited to be done and see it looking to lovely and professional, hence my goofy grin.

My pretentiously long and academic dissertation title, and cover page. Hah, it's not as complicated as that title makes it sound. Ooer, but don't I sound smart?

Today with my two bound copies, ready to go turn it in. A bit more subdued than Thursday, you know, being a respectable academic or some-such nonsense, and wearing my academia (and glarey) specs.

Yep, so that's it. It's done, and all I can do is wait. Well, that, and pack and pull details together so Jeremy and I can go home in two and a half weeks. Here we come Western North Carolina!

Thanks for all your encouragement and prayers during this whole process. It's been difficult and trying, but overall it's been so good, and so good for me. And this year here has been brilliant for Jeremy and I as well, we've grown and matured and learned to appreciate one another in completely new ways. All of it has been more than a blessing.

Here's to two and a half more weeks in this amazing city, let's soak up as much as we can before we're spirited away back home.



Amethyst said...

Okay you gotta let me know what the key element is that you added! I read back through and I noticed that you clarified the different words you were using to denote transformation, but besides that, I'm not sure! I didn't read super deeply, because Andrew was sitting next to me rambling about the ignorance vs. enlightenment of people of the past so I couldn't concentrate (he thinks people who truly believed in dragons were dumb. I disagree). Bless 'im. Talk to you soon lovey :) I'm so proud!

Blanka said...

Your work sounds pretty interesting! I wish I could study something like this:) it doesn't look like a boring school at all.
And yes, you look pretty smart;)

Faith said...

I can't believe that's your view from your apartment! Congrats on being done, quite an accomplishment! Looking forward to a coffee date that will be happening soon. :)

Sam said...

I am so ridiculously proud of you. for real. so proud. I don't even know what else to say except, thanks for including us in this season of your life. I feel like I just accomplished something vicariously thru you. I think I'll celebrate now with a beer :) cheers!

Danielle said...

You look adorable in that last photo & congratulations, lady! <3