Tuesday, August 23, 2011

i heart faces. [pet week]

Here's another i heart faces challenge I couldn't resist entering. I just miss my little (not so little anymore) pup, Cael. We'll get to see him in just two short weeks, and I'm quite excited to be with him again.
This photo was taken in Montreat during the first snow of the season, it was also the first time Cael had ever seen snow too--thus beginning his love of it. I love the look on his face, it's adorable how you can just see the curiosity and amazement in his eyes. Miss you, Cael, see you soon!

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Lys said...

how cute Cael is !! love the way your furbaby looks the snow falling down ;)

Trude said...

Oh wow look at that expression! Fantastic capture. I'd love to see my pup experience snow!