about caitlin.

Recently absconded to Scotland with my husband, Jeremy, I am currently pursuing my Master's degree in Highland Studies at the University of Edinburgh, focusing on the rich oral tradition of Gaelic songs, and tales, and learning Scottish Gaelic myself. I don't know what will come when this degree is accomplished, so don't ask, but I know it'll be another adventure. I love my husband, miss my pup left back in the States, and relish this opportunity--I know I'm blessed. I'm learning the fiddle, reading tales, listening to music, and trying to soak up all the culture I can while I'm here.

Riaghladh goirid air an òr, ach riaghladh fada air an òran. 
Shared gold goes not far, but a shared song lasts a long time.
-Gaelic proverb

I'm writing because I need this outlet, I need a place to collect my thoughts and see them written out so I can understand better what's going on in my own mind. Sometimes I sit down to write about something, and something else completely different comes out that I had so idea existed in my brain--and it's good to know what I'm actually thinking. Let's see where this goes, shall we?